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    Tommy Robinson: How close EDL founder came to causing collapse of Huddersfield grooming gang trial

    So , telling the world that the guilty were in fact guilty is a crime now is it ? The fact that they were all guilty has nothing to do with it eh ?
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    When Isreal came back in May, 1948

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    British border guards threaten to close their customs points along the border with the EU

    This is more remaintard bullshit wrapped up in scare tactics , Britain should leave as the majority decided , European countries are just foreign countries who need to have their subjects checked in at customs .
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    When Isreal came back in May, 1948

    I was born in May 1948 and all my life Israel has had to fight to stay free , the UN is corrupt , an islamic , marxist organisation paid for by Saudi Arabia to bring Israel down. Trump should defund the UN and kick it out of the USA .
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    Outrageous: Sweden deports Afghan refugee child straight away after he became an adult

    Send them all back to the shithole countries from whence they came , they had their chance for a better life and they have fucked it up and fucked Sweden as well. Round them up and deport them, they will then realise their missed opportunity , Fuck UNHCR , fuck the corrupt marxist islamic UN ...
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    London Muslim mayor welcomes the gays' beheader, Emir of Qatar BUT not President Trump

    The lunatic moslem mayor should resign , he was electedunder very dubious conditions by corrupt labour councils and moslem Imams who mysteriously "lost " votes from non labour areas and found "extra" votes from labour controlled areas .
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    UN urges Israel and Gaza to 'step back from the brink' of war

    Israel does not need to "step back" Hamas needs to stop it's cowardly aggression , hiding it's terrorists behind women and children . I think that Israel has shown it's strength and resilience already considering the extreme provocation by Hamas.Lesser countries would have invaded by now and...
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    1 dead, 13 others injured in Toronto Greektown shooting

    Ethnicity of the shooter ? Motive ? Or will it be hushed up ?