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    Conservatives Are Upset About The Obamas’ Netflix Deal

    Former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have signed a deal with Netflix to produce original TV shows and movies, but many conservatives are raging mad about it. The multiyear deal could include “scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features,”...
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    Trump Says NFL Players Who Kneel 'Maybe Shouldn't Be in the Country'

    President Donald Trump on Wednesday voiced strident support for the NFL owners' decision to punish players and teams for protests during the national anthem. In an interview broadcast Thursday on "Fox & Friends," host Brian Kilemeade purported to give Trump the news. He explained that the...
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    Education Secretary says schools should decide whether to report undocumented students. Civil rights groups say she's wrong.

    Washington (CNN)Education Secretary Betsy DeVos faced backlash from civil rights groups after she told members of Congress on Tuesday that she believed schools can decide whether or not to report undocumented students to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials. The groups say DeVos's...