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    Many jihadis from Germany have German citizenship: Report

    Over 1,000 Islamists have left Germany to aid terror groups in Syria and Iraq, a report cites the government as saying. And it says more than half of them hold German passports. Read More:
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    Mark Zuckerberg agrees to have his European testimony live streamed

    Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to have his testimony in the European Parliament Tuesday live streamed, after pressure from senior European officials. The Facebook (FB) CEO originally agreed to meet a handful of senior European lawmakers behind closed doors. Parliament officials said the public would...
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    Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4.8m homes

    The Swedish government has begun sending all 4.8m of the country’s households a public information leaflet telling the population, for the first time in more than half a century, what to do in the event of a war. Om krisen eller kriget kommer (If crisis or war comes) explains how people can...
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    Ramadan in Chechnya - Muslims opened fire at Christian worshipers inside a church, Media ignored

    19 May, 2018: 2 officers, 1 Christian worshiper killed in terrorist attack on Orthodox church at the beginning of Ramadan in Chechnya Two officers and a worshiper were killed as armed Muslim terrorists attempted to storm an the Church of Michael the Archangel in Grozny in Russia’s Chechnya. The...