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    Tax cuts this financial year unlikely

    Tax cuts of up to $1,080 per person are expected to be delayed, with the Prime Minister confirming Federal Parliament is unlikely to return before June 30.
  2. A

    Australia on track to miss Paris climate targets as emissions hit record highs

    NDEVR Environmental data suggests Australia will miss targets by 1bn tonnes of carbon dioxide under current trajectory Australia remains on track to miss its Paris climate targets as carbon emissions continue to soar, according to new data...
  3. P

    Australia To Deport Christian Pastor For Criticizing Islam

    New Zealand Christian Pastor filmed telling Muslims that their Prophet was a paedophile is set to be DEPORTED from Australia. Under Sharia law girls can marry at the age of 6, just like the Prophet Muhammad from the Koran did when he married Aisha. In Muslim countries like Yemen and Iran...
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    Christian Hate Preacher Will Be Deported from Australia After Harassing Muslims

    A Christian pastor was arrested in Australia last night on charges of public nuisance — for harassing Muslims — and the government will soon deport him back to New Zealand. Read more...
  5. U

    Watch: Young Australian leader calls to cut all foreign aid - Palestinians are furious

    116,427 Australians are homeless but their government gives $40M to the Palestinians. This courageous Australian leader calls on the government to cut all foreign aid and help the Australian people first and foremost. Australia veterans, homeless people and pensioners deserve this money more...
  6. G

    "It's Trump's fault" - New Zealand's PM supports Hamas rioters and condemns Trump & Israel

    Shock in Israel and the US after New Zealand's Prime Minister condemned Israel's right to defend its borders and blamed Trump for the death Hamas terrorists and their supporters in Gaza. "This is a devastating, one-sided, loss of life. We would condemn the violence... It's plain to see the...