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    Shadow Ban: PragerU Reveals Immediate 99.9999% Drop in Facebook Reach

    Conservative non-profit group PragerU appears to be facing Facebook censorship, as many recent posts from group are suffering from a 99.9999 percent drop in engagement based on Facebook’s own dashboard. The Social Media Masters of the Universe also pulled down two PragerU videos, which it...
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    Facebook has asked big banks to share detailed and intimate financial information about their customers, according to a new report. The social network would get access to people's card transactions and how much money they have in their account, the Wall Street Journal said...
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    European lawmakers asked Mark Zuckerberg why they shouldn’t break up Facebook

    European Parliament members asked Mark Zuckerberg today whether Facebook was a monopoly that potentially needed breaking up, echoing concerns voiced in the United States. In a conference with Zuckerberg, German MEP Manfred Weber asked whether the Facebook CEO could name a single European...
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    Mark Zuckerberg agrees to have his European testimony live streamed

    Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to have his testimony in the European Parliament Tuesday live streamed, after pressure from senior European officials. The Facebook (FB) CEO originally agreed to meet a handful of senior European lawmakers behind closed doors. Parliament officials said the public would...
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    Huge new Facebook data leak exposed intimate details of 3m users

    Data from millions of Facebook users who used a popular personality app, including their answers to intimate questionnaires, was left exposed online for anyone to access, a New Scientist investigation has found. Academics at the University of Cambridge distributed the data from the personality...