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    Breaking news: Tommy Robinson released from jail after unjustified arrest and detention

    Important UPDATE About Tommy Robinson's appeal: Ezra Levant just announced "Tommy Robinson wins his appeal! He will be home today!..."
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    Tommy Robinson court date CANCELLED - Human rights violations sponsored by UK government

    Tommy Robinson's Appeal Judge has ALREADY declared him guilty before hearing his defense in the trial! This is an absolutely disgraceful affront to all of our judicial values and is even further proof that the state is totally against him. We need to make this go VIRAL to ensure Tommy's right to...
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    #FreeTommy - Huge protests hit London streets - Media Silenced by court order

    British people flooded the streets in a huge protest calling on the UK government to release the British journalist who was arrested and jailed in what is appeared to be the end of freedom of speech in Britain. T*mmy R*binson is a political prisoner in Britain, he was arrested and jailed for...