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    Trump says war will mean 'official end of Iran,' warns 'never threaten the United States again'

    President Trump fired a social media broadside at the Iranian regime Sunday afternoon, vowing that war between Washington and Tehran would result in "the official end of Iran" before warning, "[n]ever threaten the United States again!" :AngryT::CoolT...
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    Iran Tricked ISIS Supporters Into Downloading Wallpaper That Spied On Them

    Iran reportedly tricked suspected supporters of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) into downloading a wallpaper mobile phone application that allowed the government to spy on them. Researchers from Israeli online security company Check Point Software Technologies said Friday that they...
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    Watch: Iranian woman gets beaten while driving for not wearing a veil

    Iranian women prefer to be lashed to death but not live under Islamic oppression. Please watch and share this video to raise awareness of the brutal persecution of women in Iran. Women are protesting a decades-old law in Iran, requiring them to wear a hijab. Protesters have taken to the...
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    Is the US going to sanction European companies for doing business in Iran?

    Is the US going to sanction European companies for doing business in Iran? What do you think about this move?
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    Iran launched an attack on Israel — and it got badly beaten and internationally abandoned

    Iran launched a missile strike on northern Israel late Wednesday night, with 20 Grad and Fajr rockets taking off from Syria in what was widely seen as retaliation after months of Israeli airstrikes punishing their forces — but it looks like it got crushed. Not only does Israel say it...