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    Australia To Deport Christian Pastor For Criticizing Islam

    New Zealand Christian Pastor filmed telling Muslims that their Prophet was a paedophile is set to be DEPORTED from Australia. Under Sharia law girls can marry at the age of 6, just like the Prophet Muhammad from the Koran did when he married Aisha. In Muslim countries like Yemen and Iran...
  2. M

    Islam and the West Are Incompatible

    We are living in a time when groups of Muslims are engaged in a war against Western civilization. These groups are numerous and widespread, and although they constitute only a sliver of the larger Muslim population, they rely for their strength on a body of belief inspired by mainstream Islamic...
  3. L

    Ramadan in Chechnya - Muslims opened fire at Christian worshipers inside a church, Media ignored

    19 May, 2018: 2 officers, 1 Christian worshiper killed in terrorist attack on Orthodox church at the beginning of Ramadan in Chechnya Two officers and a worshiper were killed as armed Muslim terrorists attempted to storm an the Church of Michael the Archangel in Grozny in Russia’s Chechnya. The...
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    Watch: French police kills a Muslim man who stabbed people in the name of Islam

    Islamic Terrorism on the streets of the "multicultural" Paris. Several people have been stabbed by a Muslim man, shouting Allahu Akbar, at the Place de l'Opéra in central Paris, with police confirming the terrorist has been neutralized. The Muslim man stabbed and killed at least one person and...