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    Paraguay moves its Jerusalem embassy back to Tel Aviv, new President Abdo submits to Islamic terrorism

    In May of this year, Paraguay’s former President Horacio Cortez inaugurated its new embassy in Jerusalem, Israel. Cortez kept his promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Unfortunately, Cortez’s successor has turned out to be a coward, and has begun his presidency by appeasing...
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    Prince William visits Western wall Wearing kippah, yet claims Jews are "occupiers" of Jerusalem

    On his last day in Israel, Prince William visited the Western Wall in the old city of Jerusalem which the British government and the royal family describe as "occupied Palestinian territories". Prince William, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson and second-in-line to the throne, is the first British...
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    TRUMP LEADS THE WAY: Guatemala Opens Its Embassy In Jerusalem

    On Wednesday, Guatemala joined the United States by opening its own embassy in Jerusalem. This is not the first time Guatemala has followed the lead of the United States regarding Israel; in May 1948, after the United States became the first country in the world to recognize the Jewish state...
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    Africa divided on the question of the American embassy in Jerusalem

    The new US Embassy in Israel opens its doors in Jerusalem on Monday, which is tantamount to recognizing this city as the capital of the Jewish state. It was a campaign promise of US President Donald Trump. An inauguration under high voltage. Many countries declined the invitation. A total of 32...