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Jul 10, 2019
It is known that on August 2, 2019, The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) has expired. The US refused to renegotiate the Treaty and announced successful tests of the previously banned Tomahawk missile with a range of 2,500 km.
Washington's next step was Trump's statement about buying the island of Greenland from Denmark where Tomahawks are planned to be placed. Recall that in 1943 on the territory of Greenland was built us Thule air base. Nuclear bombers have been always on alert at this base since the early 1960s. Now on the territory of Thule there is Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS).
In 1958, in the North-West of Greenland near the Thule air base, the United States launched the “Iceworm project”. During the project, more than 20 tunnels with a length of 1864 miles were carved, a nuclear reactor was installed and infrastructure facilities were built. It was planned to deploy 600 Intercontinental missiles aimed at the USSR, but work on the project was stopped.
Recently, the Trump administration has increasingly stated its desire to place intercontinental ballistic missiles in the area of Thule air base. Perhaps Trump plans to restart the Iceworm project.
According to Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy, Washington plans to deploy new precision Strike missiles and hypersonic missiles with a ballistic warhead in the Thule region by 2020. Previously, such missiles were banned by the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.
Certainly, the deployment of American missiles on the territory of Greenland will create a direct threat to the security of the Russian Federation. Such a successful deployment of missiles will allow the United States to launch nuclear strikes throughout the Russian Federation from Europe to the Far East and control The Northern Sea Route.
In addition, the intention of the United States is not in the interest of Russia's neighbors, which in turn can lead to discontent, and then an imbalance of forces in the Arctic region.
Oct 27, 2020
HYPOCRITE LIE-berals and other enemies of the WEST want to condemn Yankees for trying to defend themselves!
Here is an article illustrating exactly why Trump is right to bully his NATO allies to spend more on defence! With some comments of my own in brackets):

China says US warship 'violated' its sovereignty 2/56. AFP. Jan 20 .2018

Beijing on Saturday said it had dispatched a warship to drive away a US missile destroyer which had "violated" its sovereignty by sailing close to a shoal in the disputed South China Sea.

The USS Hopper sailed within 12 nautical miles of Huangyan Island on the night of January 17 without alerting Beijing, the foreign ministry said, referring to the shoal by its Chinese name.

Also known as Scarborough Shoal, the ring of reefs lies about 230 kilometres (140 miles) from the Philippines in the South China Sea, where Beijing's claims are hotly contested by other nations.

(The Spratley Islands and a series of other small islands and rocky outcrops are being claimed by 5 nations- including Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia- along with China. As the Chinese have the largest military of the five and are nuclear armed as well, they have grabbing up the Spratley Islands and fortified them and built an air base- in spite of the usual ineffective protests and negotiations from the U.N. The ONLY thing preventing China from grabbing ALL islands in the disputed region is United States Navy!)

(Cdns should view this island grabbing by China as ominous- since it was about 5 years ago that China launched its first class one ice breaker- capable of travelling to North Pole and back unaided! As the Chinese admiral commanding it commented- China has 20 percent of the worlds population and is entitled to 20 percent of its resources! China is openly looking to grab resources and yet it does not have a single metre of Arctic coast line so where will they run the ice breaker? Maybe northern Cdn residents should be learning to speak Mandarin just in case?)

The US vessel "violated China's sovereignty and security interests", and put the safety of nearby Chinese vessels "under grave threat", foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said.

(IN other words the presence of a Yankee ship in what is supposed to be international waters has pissed off the Chinese! As for the “grave threat” all these ships DO carry radar!)

China's defence ministry said in a separate statement that a Chinese frigate "immediately took actions to identify and verify the US ship and drove it away by warning" it.

The USS Hopper recently entered the US Navy's 7th Fleet area of operations, where the ship is on an "independent deployment", according to a statement released earlier this month on the Navy's website.

Its mission in Asia involves "security cooperation, building partner capacity, and performing routine operations within the area".

(In other words it might just be helping other nations in the area thumb their noses just a bit at overly aggressive and hostile China?)

News of the encounter follows Friday's release of a new US national defence strategy that says America is facing "growing threats" from China and Russia.

China is a "strategic competitor using predatory economics to intimidate its neighbors while militarizing features in the South China Sea", the document says.

China's defence ministry dismissed those claims on Saturday, saying "the situation in the South China Sea has steadily stabilised," in comments attributed to spokesman Wu Qian.

(There is no question about the predatory behaviour of resource hungry China- they stand convicted of fueling the genocidal war in South Sudan by arming various rebel factions! And we may ask if they are also covertly aiding rebel groups in natural gas rich Algeria and neighboring states such as Morocco and Mali- where Cdn troops just arrived to join the worlds most dangerous “peace mission”! But Cdn involvement will be limited to several Cdn helicopters hauling out wounded and dying UN troops.)

But it added, "the United States has repeatedly sent warships illegally into the adjacent waters of the South China Sea islands and reefs."

Beijing asserts sovereignty over almost all of the resource-rich South China Sea despite rival claims from Southeast Asian neighbours and has rapidly built reefs into artificial islands capable of hosting military planes.

China seized Scarborough Shoal in 2012 after a brief stand-off with the Philippine navy. The shoal is also claimed by Taiwan.

(Oh dear- Taiwan- now it’s a 5th nation being bullied by China! But communist China does not count Taiwan as a nation -it is only a rebel province -so Beijing says- so MORE Chinese bullying- this time of its own relations who choose NOT to be Commies!)

(And Taiwanese would probably not wish to be citizens under any of the Trudeau clan either! After all, it was Pierre Trudeau who wrote in his book “Two Innocents in Red China” -of what Pierre referred to “as the genius of Chairman Mao in rushing 30 million Chinese to the gallows” during the Great Leap Forward/communist blood bath! Nobody familiar with the horrors of communism would ever trust a Trudeau! Sadly, Cdn democracy is much safer with wild man Trump on guard than with a craven silver spoon socialist like Our idiot Boy Justin on watch!)