17 year old Female Terror plotter jailed for life after found planning ISIS attack on London Museum

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Jul 4, 2018
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Jul 5, 2018
A teenager who planned an Isis-inspired terror attack in London after being prevented from joining the terrorist group in Syria has been jailed for life.

Safaa Boular was just 16 when she started the plot, and she is the youngest woman to be convicted of attempting an atrocity in Britain.

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She is 18 I believe and she would without any research support the Baal - Allah "religion" that totally faled to bring down the fire from their "god" on the sacrifice and 400 priests (Imams) were killed as phonies. The Islam and the Baal "religions" both have their asses up when they pray, same call to prayer, same colors and signs and the modern muzzies have no clue they are worshipping Baal, the head demon. In the book of Revelation the Babylonian system (Baal) is brought up again to be judged. It was at Babylon that people were so evil and got scaderred and new languages to slow things down. Daniel and others correctly speak about the animal that was wounded and got back its strenght in the end time - Islam.