20 percent tax on weed: Hamilton's first legal store, my experience

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Feb 13, 2019
20 percent tax on weed: Hamilton's first legal store, my experience

I hear rumor in Ontario of plastic one time use water bottles being made illegal, yet the legalized Hamilton pot store is made to serve grams of pot in large plastic containers with a lid and a little product freshener inside. The container is about the average size of a small jar of jam and is thick, hard plastic. A HUMONGOUS waste ...hmm, what is the relevance if any relevance behind this one I wonder because it is over kill.

I got there 10:30 - 11 Am. I stood in line cracking the odd joke as people burst in line out in laughter. It was raining.

I slogged as my uncle once did in the rain over hockey many years ago only I was out in a line waiting for pot for an hour and a half and about around the hour mark I was under a tent at the end of the line.

You know the instrument they use in the sound of the African Lion Safari theme tune? They also used this instrument in the tune by Luba called "Let it go" Well they didn't play either of those catchy tunes but they did play those big metal African instruments (Like giant nickel polished metal giant bowls) and sounded kind of surreal, it was entertaining on opening day, I'll give them that. It looked like Dalton McGuinty drove by and took a snap shot of me in line just before I got to the tent.

As I was standing in the entrance of the tent a beautiful lady (dark hair, almost pale skin, wearing a bright colourful wreath around her neck which accentuated her appeal all that much more grabbed me and dragged me in under the tent saying poor guy (seeing the rain drip over my hood of the tent I was under in line) Although I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to be all alone ;) I pointed out my hood and stated this isn't so bad. Who'm I suspect was that ladies daughter, another beautiful young lady soon after looked at me and smiled and of course I smiled back. The lady who I suspected her daughter smiling at me could have been Sheila, who had a brother Keith and a sister Tammy who was at one time my best friend as a very young boy. Anyway, I didn't advance because I also suspected I had seen one of these two ladies on a fairly well done adult site and either way, I wasn't there to investigate that. These ladies appeared to be there to uplift the people in lines spirits as we waited which was a nice touch in my experience.

After an hour and a half in line being rained upon with the last few minutes under a tent, I came to the final gateway of moderating people entering the building and I shouted "A nice blow dry job would certainly be a nice touch" and I said it loud enough to warrant a great positive burst of laughter from those who were also drenched and could hear what I had said.

After feeling rigor mortis setting in from being in line for so long, I was able to shake the rigor mortis loose by finally entering the building.

I entered the building. Soon after I left the building (let alone the tent into the building) I was in the liquor store buying a bottle of Santa Carolina, a reasonably priced and delicious bottle of merlot, where in line paying for the merlot, I brought up in random conversation I was in line waiting at the new Mary Jane store and I was asked did you see on any labels the THC percentage? My response was genuine, because I recently broke my best glasses, I simply stated the glasses on my face couldn't help me to see well enough to read all of the information so for all of you who may be wondering, I couldn't tell you the answer to that question.

(TCH = THC, just an inside joke sort of thing of which are you on the inside or merely looking in? That is up to only you ;) grasshoppers eagerly reading this ...

What I found was a room full of plexi glass encasing containers and their packaging of weed, along with bongs, opening day T shirts hot off of the press in the line before you entered the building for sale. I wasn't there to give you a report on all you can find, I was there to get some weed and am sharing my experience.

I went for the stuff that was $9.90 G. got two grams at $9.90 g and paid 24 bucks after taxes.

I even heard people in line stating such things as I wouldn't wait in line this long for a 20 bag but for the experience on first day grand opening I obviously did ...

When crumbling the weed with your fingers, be careful because it can easily turn to dust if you crumble too much that is.

The name of the store is Canna Cabana at the center mall near the corner of Kenilworth and Barton st.

Many years back I emphasized legalizing and greatly undercutting the price of Marijuana to reduce illegal sale intervention on Mary Jane and using the revenue to rehabilitate people already drawn into more serious addictive life ruining drugs and educate them with a skill to do well by giving them a real shot in the work force. I don't know where this money is going now that they have legalized it all of these years later, so it could be being used to promote filthy religious garbage such as jihad these day for all I know. ... especially with Trudeau in office, handing out breakfast in Hamilton to try and make people think that taking a day to cook food / hand out cooked food foor those in need changes the facts. Anyway they are charging more than street prices which obviously keeps illegal dealers in business. Before you think to ask, I voted conservative in the previous election.

I was diagnosed with emphysema 6 years ago after having the symptoms since I was 15, I am now 48. Usually on a daily basis from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep it's a fight to stay awake. My doctor moved out to boonie land in Hamilton so I can't even make the trip. When you have emphysema at my stage, your lungs are constantly puking and a long trip is next to impossible on public transit so I suspect I live in my final moments these days and what better way to go than to slowly suffocate to death. Marijuana appears to coagulate my lung slime which makes it easy for me to get rid of so I can breathe.

I only hope that before my time is up I accomplish my goals for the well being and sanity of current and future generations of the life here in Canada as well across the planet otherwise you will "all" pay the ultimate price you bunch of dummies.

I would love to make more videos except I usually feel way to tired. Drinking and puffing weed wakes me up a little until time for bed and allows me to sleep well too.

I'm likely going to die soon so enjoy me while you got me ;) and spare me your pity trips. I'll gladly fight the good fight out of a dumpster starving to death if it comes to such and it is looking like it just might.



Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada