Adam Daniel Mezei Seeks Proof Canadian Gov't Doesn't Want To Kill You

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Oct 27, 2020
Our idiot Boy Justin is a SOCIALIST! The ENTIRE Trudope clan are ALL Socialists!

The difference between a Communist and a Socialist is this:
The Communist is in a hurry for social change and thus will SHOOT those who get in the way!

The Socialist is MORE PATIENT and will simply push aside those who are deemed not necessary to society! The unwanted citizens will be allowed to starve to death in a ditch!

But Socialists and LIE-berals will NOT KILL the unwanted citizens!

LIE-berals and believe that deliberate NEGLECT keeps their hands clean!

Therefore it is CLEAR that Our idiot Boy and his LIE-beral losers DO NOT want to kill us! They merely want us to DISAPPEAR, quietly, quickly and conveniently!
Oct 27, 2020
Here is an article that tries to persuade Cdns that they are being well served by the hordes of poverty pimps that infest Toronto Silly Hall! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Impact of social workers 'not well understood'

JOAN MACKENZIE DAVIES, Special to the Toronto Sun. First posted: Monday, August 07, 2017 12:00 PM EDT

The reality is that the impact of social workers is not well understood. As the executive director of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) that represents 5,200 professionals in the province, this poses a significant challenge to both the profession and the public.

(The sad reality for most Cdns is that they DO SEE CLEARLY just how useful social workers really are! Pious nonsense spouted by a person who makes a fine living supporting the over paid Hogs will not alter that Cdn view!)

Many Ontarians struggling with real issues such as addictions, mental health conditions or caring for a loved one, and who could benefit from the profession’s unique training and skills, never seek services due to limited or inaccurate information about social workers.

(Some Cdns feel that safe injection sites are actually making the addiction problem WORSE by reducing the risk of being a hard core addict! Addiction is not just based on chemical dependency, there is also a psychological compulsion and one should ask if that compulsion would be reduced if you knew your odds of dying were increasing exponentially with each hit? But if you have those costly safe injection sites close at hand, then you can take comfort knowing you can still have your fun secure in the knowledge there is help close by to bring you back from any disaster! We have all heard talk about scaring addicts straight and staring death in the face is a real persuader pushing towards the straight life for some! And many Cdns figure that our scarce health dollars should be spent on people who have real illnesses and not on people who are going out of their way to risk their health with dangerous drugs- its not a secret that heroin and crack and Fentanyl are deadly so why get started on it-unless you want to die?)

Sensational headlines such as “Social Workers failing Toronto’s homeless,” which recently accompanied a story in the Toronto Sun, subsequently edited to read, “Welfare Workers failing Toronto’s homeless” do not help and reinforce mis-perceptions about the profession.

(How sad that some poverty pimps wish to pretend that welfare recipients are always innocent! What of child killer Marcia Dooley who was under investigation for welfare fraud when she was arrested for killing stepson Randal? What of the wife of Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aideed who sent his most treasured wife- as a Muslim he has several- off to live in Canada on Our welfare- along with 10-12 kids- all of them belonging to hubby Mohamed and sired on those multiple wives? And what of his wife repeatedly flying BACK to Somalis to take part in various GOVT sponsored activities while poverty pimps tell us it is none of our business what sort of relationship she has with her hubby?)

(What of the woman with Downs Syndrome who has just enough maturity ( about 12 years age development) to enjoy sex and is also mature enough to enjoy drugs and alcohol but not enough maturity to practice safe sex and avoid repeated pregnancies and repeated STD infections- with SOCIETY left holding the bag for the damaged children she regularly gives birth to? What of the nice family of 3 that I recently met- mom is an ex alcoholic who manages to stay on the wagon, teen son is the reliable one in the family and father is a methadone recipient who makes the family welfare money stretch MUCH FURTHER by stealing anything not nailed down- and if he can pry it up then it ain`t nailed down now is it!)

(What of the woman exposed in Pickering a while back- living very cheaply in a farmhouse rented for about $200.00 per month on the Pickering Airport lands and supplementing her welfare by raising chickens and ducks on the rural property and selling them and eggs under the table and also making a nice little bit of pocket change cleaning houses under the table as well?)

(What of the immigrant Mom from the Carribean documented some years back by Toronto Red Star reporters- the woman lived on welfare with her 3 young kids- all Cdn born so LIE-berals insist we cannot send the `family` back to the crap island she came from- and with all the kids sired from different fathers and she passes her time with drugs and a part time job as a prostitute while the kids-roughly 9 months, 2 years and 3 years in age stay home with tv? The poverty pimps repeatedly visit the “affordable housing” apt to try to teach the woman that letting a baby go for hours at a time without any food is a bad idea. Further, poverty pimps have failed to teach the woman that the baby needs its diapers changed fairly often or it will develop MORE nasty rashes that need medical treatment. They also failed to convince the woman that food needs to be refrigerated or it will sicken the kids when its fed to them- and its especially bad if she puts the food onto plates already filthy with rotting food- If she bothers to feed them! The woman likes cats and has several and its too bad that poverty pimps cannot teach the woman that letting a 9 month old baby play with cat sh+t is not a good idea!)
Oct 27, 2020
Part two of what Social Workers do?

(The wait for not so affordable housing was reaching the TWENTY YEAR POINT BEFORE those hordes of illegal refugees started flooding in after Our idiot Boy Justin threw out the invite! God only knows what the wait will be in a year- certainly the wait time will be LONGER that some have to live!)

On the brighter side, much can, and is, being done to help close this “information” gap. This past March, during Social Work Week, we highlighted stories of how Ontarians, from all segments of society, are receiving much needed help from social workers – some in private practice as therapy providers and many others working in a wide range of settings such as hospitals, schools, corrections, and other vital institutions.

(That`s nice- but LIE-berals are apparently focused ONLY on CLOSING that information gap by making it into a HATE CRIME to be critical of their many failed policies!)

Ontario is facing a public health crisis on many fronts: addictions, mental health, increased demands on hospital beds with an aging population, among them. Cost-effective solutions are needed now more than ever. The media and members of the public both have an important role to play in not only identifying where the system is failing, but also in sharing successes and promising solutions. For example, two large GTA hospitals recently placed social workers in emergency departments during peak hours as part of a three-month pilot project with the goal of helping individuals with non-urgent care needs, with a focus on seniors.

(Yes, its true, we need more aid to sick, aged, mentally challenged Cdns- so WHY are we allowing LIE-berals to dig us so deeply into debt as they BUY the votes they need to cling to power so they can spend years exploring exotic and never before considered depths of DEBT with Hog allies while REAL problems are ignored? LIE-berals believe that any problem that concerns them can be resolved by burying it DEEPLY in cash! The problem is all the troubles that concern LIE-berals revolve around the need of LIE-beral friends for MORE GRAVY! Hogs have left NO gravy for the rest of us!)

By addressing the non-medical needs of these complex care patients and connecting them to community resources, social workers helped reduce admissions and delivered a savings of $1.4 million when costs were annualized over a year.

(Poverty Pimps are being hypocritical in linking aged people with Alzheimer Disease to “self medicated” drug addicts! As if both were equally innocent!)

There is also room for clarity regarding the qualifications and training of social workers. To be called a “social worker” or “registered social worker” in Ontario, individuals must hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in social work and be registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW). These are protected titles under provincial legislation since passage of the Social Work and Social Service Work Act, 1998. A register on OCSWSSW’s website lists the names of individuals who meet the criteria to use these titles.

(Thats nice- a powerful union holds control of and access to jobs and holds the profession HOSTAGE! Play THEIR GAME and SUPPORT THEIR PROPAGANDA or they will not certify you! And some Cdns find it hard to understand why U of T professors such as Jordan Peterson speak of “corrupted disciplines!)

The media must continue to look at public health issues through a critical lens. However, it can play an important role as well in showcasing cost-effective solutions, such as the emergency departments pilots that address gaps in service delivery, better serve the public and save taxpayers’ dollars.

(Shall we ask how the dietary supplement that used to be offered to welfare recipients with REAL health problems was deliberately abused? Shall we ask if the methadone scandal of a few years back- in which addicts scored multiple doses of the drug at various dishonest clinics has been resolved? Shall we ask if welfare recipients are still allowed to “lose” their rent money and then aks for MORE while offering some crap excuse that would not wash in the real world? Shall we ask what new safeguards have been put into place to ensure that welfare cheats like child killer Marcia Dooley will not be able to game the system in future?)

Secondarily, such editorials would serve to build public confidence in seeking help from trained professionals such as social workers for problems they are facing.

(My personal problem is over taxation, inadequate old age pension and debt- how will social worker Hogs help me with that? Except make matters WORSE with their Hog union GREED!)

Together, we can change the narrative and the outcome for many Ontarians in need. As a collective, we need to continue identifying gaps in the system and where professionals are, in fact, “failing.” It is equally important to recognize the work being done to create new and innovative solutions for individuals, while, at the same time, improving access to our health care and social services delivery systems overall.

- Joan MacKenzie Davies, MSW, RSW, is the executive director of the Ontario Association of Social Workers

(And apparently she is also completely UNAWARE of how angry Cdns are at being treated as the sucker nation of the world!)