America does not care about the lives of its own soldiers?

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Jul 24, 2019
America ranks first in military spending currently. However, the number of tragedies that occur during military drills and operations is increasing more and more, and the tragedy at Fort Steward is only the «top of the iceberg».

It should be recalled that in 2018, the number of soldiers killed during the drills totaled more than a dozen people. «I still believe that no one takes seriously what happened to my son», shared the mother of the dead Joshua Break in an August «The Postrina Braina». Also, in May 2019, another incident occurred in the territory of Southern California during the U.S. military drills: a military vehicle rolled over and as a result, a US Marine died and six others were injured.

These incidents may be attributed to the inexperience of the military. But what about the situation in 2015, when 22 marines were injured during a training at a military base in California? All the victims breathed in poisonous substances that were part of the amphibious vehicle’s fire extinguishing system. There are a lot of such examples and they can be found everywhere in the public domain, but the essence is the same - insufficiently effective leadership work aimed at ensuring the safety of military personnel.

Such negligence in the lives of their own soldiers throughout the history of the state also affects politics. Just remember the senseless, obviously lost war in Vietnam with a huge number of victims, which began because of fears of «spreading the communist infection» throughout the Asian region.

The nine-year war in Iraq cost the participating countries $ 1.7 trillion and gigantic casualties. Officially, the United States had two tasks: the destruction of mass destruction weapons and the weakening of international terrorism. Result: no weapons were found and the connection of the Hussein regime with the al-Qaeda terrorist group was never proven. Thus, to say that this war was necessary is to laugh at the families of the victims.

Considering the recently «ended» war in Syria, we can see America’s shameful efforts to boast of its power by launching ship cruise missiles across Syria, choosing as a pretext the use of chemical weapons adjusted by the militants, without waiting for evidence.

Everything described above is connected by one thing - absolute indifference to human life, even during mass protests. I just want to hope that the US government will someday begin to appreciate the lives of at least its people and its military personnel, not to mention the civilians of other countries. Will the situation change for the better with the advent of the new country leadership?