America is preparing for war with Russia and China

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Jul 24, 2019
Following the release of a report by the US Strategic Research Institute, Russia began to be rated as the “most real military threat” to the United States. China is now called the "most comprehensive threat." What kind of aggressive and threatening acts of the two countries is meant is not clear. However, it became known about the American development of 6.8 mm caliber bullets, that should replace the NATO 5.56 mm caliber bullets. It is weird that the development began after the publication of information about new Russian and Chinese bulletproof vests, that are resistant to the 5.56 mm bullets. So whom is aggression actually coming from and who is preparing for war?
Oct 27, 2020
We could discuss how the Beijing Butchers are seeking to STEAL ALL MANNER of Yankee technology to start with!
Here is an article illustrating the pervasive influence of Red Chinese spies and their industrial espionage!! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Indicted McGill professor was caught in broad, controversial U.S. dragnet of Chinese-background scientists

(It is only controversial if you are supporter of Beijing Butchers!)

By Tom Blackwell National Post.

Published July 12, 2019.

The U.S. criminal indictment against Canadian Ishiang Shih grabs attention. It is not everyday, after all, that a professor at a prestigious university is charged with illegally exporting advanced technology to China.

(But IT IS ALMOST DAILY that Yankees complain about Red China and its systematic campaign of industrial espionage!! Red China steals everything that is not nailed down!! From bootleg Michael Jackson videos to information on advanced metallurgy for building more reliable jet engines for Chinese fighters!)

But the now-retired McGill faculty member is just one among numerous scientists of Chinese descent caught up recently in a controversial American dragnet, its goal to combat economic espionage by Beijing.

(That such a dragnet is considered “controversial” in Ottawa is NO SURPRISE!! LIE-berals have been happily promoting cozy relations with Red China in preference to safer relations with Yankees- whom LIE-berals DESPISE!)

Researchers for private companies and universities have been charged with various crimes, as well as non-Chinese intelligence agents and civil servants. Others have been fired summarily. One Washington, D.C. lawyer says he represents three-dozen Chinese-American scientists who have been charged or put under suspicion by federal authorities.

(Yes- national security issues are such a pesky nuisance!! But watching as Western companies GET ROBBED of the benefits of their research by Red Chinese thieves is not something LIE-berals should be comfortable about!)

The U.S. Justice Department, which concentrated its efforts on the issue by launching a new “China Initiative” last year, says it’s trying to combat Beijing’s s well-documented campaign to acquire foreign technological secrets by any means.

Some prominent critics, however, suggest America’s trade war with China has propelled police on a witch hunt against east-Asian researchers.

(Yes- LIE-berals are NOTORIOUS for their support of the Beijing Butchers!! Our very own Pierre Trudeau is the POSTER BOY for such vile discrimination!! Pierre PUBLICLY WROTE of what he called “the genius of Chairman Mao in rushing 30 million Chinese to the gallows”!)

(Yes- Our Pierre EXTOLLED THE VIRTUE of Red Chinese MASS MURDER of Political Prisoners!! And for his part - Our idiot Boy Justin has told us “he likes the way the Chinese get things done”!)

“In managing these risks, we must take great care not to create a toxic atmosphere of unfounded suspicion and fear,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology president Rafael Reif wrote in an open letter last month.

(How sad that ALL institutions of higher learning are now recognized as being totally infested with Left Wing Demagogues working diligently to poison the minds of their students on behalf of Beijing and Tehran and Moscow!)

“Yet faculty members, post-docs, research staff and students tell me that, in their dealings with government agencies, they now feel unfairly scrutinized, stigmatized and on edge – because of their Chinese ethnicity alone.”

A Chinese American academic who was earlier charged with sending secrets to China – then cleared because agents misunderstood the nature of his work – is suing the U.S. government, helped by the American Civil Liberties Union.

“I think what is wrong is to single out a particular ethnic group for surveillance and prosecution,” Xiaoxing Xi, the former physics department chair at Philadelphia’s Temple University, said in an interview Thursday. “That is racial profiling.”

(Ah yes- the LIE-beral EXCUSE - that facilitates Red Chinese Espionage!! If govt were searching for Nazis in 1942- would they mainly look at Germans?? Is it racial profiling OR COMMON SENSE to look first and foremost at the people and groups who are most likely to be at the heart of the problem!! LIE-berals WILL NOT answer such a question because they do not wish to reveal their anti Western values to a disgusted public!)

(Socialists are ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that their vile system works!! In spite of MASSIVE EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY!! LIE-beral Socialists are convinced that any problem is merely the result of a bad leader- LIE-berals refuse to accept the system wide faults of Socialism- even in spite of the disaster currently unfolding in oil rich and hard core Socialist Venezuela!)

U.S. seeks to extradite McGill professor accused of conspiring to send technology to China

Terry Glavin: It's official – China is a threat to Canada's national security
Spy agency bluntly warns 'Canada remains a target' of cybertheft and espionage from Russia and China.

(OF COURSE such a conclusion is LOGICAL!! If we want our Cdn economy to work with and profit along with Yankees - then we must be connected in various ways- and Soviet spies have LONG REGARDED Canada as an easy side door entry to United States- after all everybody likes Cdns don’t they?? But that was then meaning BEFORE LIE-berals threw open the immigration gates to all manner of suspect persons -with NO SECURITY CHECKS!)

(National security in Canada is SO BAD that Our idiot Boy Justin imported 60,000 Muslims - mostly from Syria - based on the recommendation of HAMAS TERRORISTS- who were running the refugee camps the Syrians came from!! It is clear Our idiot Boy TRUSTS the Muslim terrorists- after all he has been sending CANADIAN AID to Hamas terrorists since he was elected!)

(And some people wonder why Yankees are HOSTILE to Our idiot Boy!)

In Canada, meanwhile, the RCMP says it has no country-specific investigation program, while universities report they are working with China to their “mutual benefit.”

(OH yes- just as in Australia and New Zealand- the Chinese Soviets offer all sorts of gifts and grants - that open doors for them and allow Chinese to INFLUENCE foreign govts!! Otherwise WHY would China be the chief sponsor of the annual meeting of British Columbia municipal mayors?? What is in it for China other than a chance to whisper propaganda into willing Cdn ears? )

Yet there is certainly widespread consensus that China often uses illegal methods to acquire technology developed elsewhere, for military use or to give domestic companies a competitive leg-up.

(Yes- it is easy to build consensus IF THERE IS PROOF!! Chinese espionage is relentless and ongoing!)

Trump administration officials have been blunt in describing the threat they perceive from the research community.

FBI offices across the U.S. see evidence China uses “non-traditional collectors” of such intelligence, including Chinese students, professors and scientists, FBI Director Christopher Wray told a congressional hearing last year.

(Beijing long ago made it clear that ALL people of Chinese background would be expected to aid Red China in any fashion deemed necessary!! So some help out of personal beliefs and some help OUT OF FEAR!)

(It is no coincidence that an Australian who wrote a book about pervasive Chinese influence in his country COULD NOT FIND AN AUSTRALIAN PUBLISHER- after Chinese influence was applied!)

“I think the level of naivete on the part of the academic sector about this creates its own issues,” he said. “They’re exploiting the very open research and development environment that we have, which we all revere, but they’re taking advantage of it.”

(The academic sector has a wildly naive view of world affairs!! The idea that a well liked COLLEAGUE could be a TRAITOR is hard for such people to believe!)

Montreal’s Shih was indicted last year along with brother Yi-Chi – a fellow electrical engineer who has worked at UCLA – with conspiring to send advanced computer chips to China, contrary to export restrictions. Yi-Chi was convicted recently, and a source said the U.S. has asked Canada to extradite Ishiang, who retired from McGill last year.

(China systematically sends out specially skilled people to seek information China desires - as part of a long term plan to build up the Chinese economy at western expense!! Chinese policy is ECONOMIC WARFARE!)

But the California-based brother’s lawyer said the case was a “tragic” miscarriage of justice that saw the jury deprived of key evidence. Yi-Chi had designed the chip himself, and the American company whose design tools he used actually has a large operation – and half its workforce – in China.

(And the case illustrates the SLIPPERY SLOPE of substantial collaboration with the Beijing Butchers!)

Broader concerns are being raised about the idea of going after researchers of one race, and the nature of many of the prosecutions to date.

(There is NO NEED to go after British researchers- after all they have demonstrated they CAN BE TRUSTED!! It is Chinese SPIES who are suspect for good reason! LIE-berals cry about ethnic profiling and DENY there is common sense and logic in police investigations into specific groups since successful prosecutions make wide open LIE-beral immigration policy LOOK BAD!)

Peter Zeidenberg, a Washington, D.C. lawyer who represented Xi, said agents have completely misconstrued the science and reached wrong conclusions in a “very large percentage” of the three-dozen or so such cases he’s taken on.

(RED China IS challenging the West in multiple areas- NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH is in the military arena!! China presents a BELLIGERENT Face to the world which greatly disturbs Yankees - and worries anybody else with common sense!)