Are you a homosexual male? I bet you love surgically mutilated vagina!

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Feb 13, 2019

Are you a homosexual male? You do realize that according to the LGBT's sick and pathetic excuse for logic, you having sex with a female with her vagina ripped out of her body pretending to male is what makes you a homosexual male. Think I'm kidding, take a good long hard look at transgarbage! If you call that female a male, these sick and filthy low life scum bags want to slander you and try and make you suffer their sick and filthy mental redundancies because apparently the globalist crime organization and lobbyists think it's funny to use tyrants and traitors forcing lies through legislation to try and turn Canadians into a bunch of sick and pathetic pieces of compulsive obsessive lying deceiving redundant and extremely stupid garbage like the LGBT who's extent of their mentalities are like if you don't want to live in a dumpster that smells like a rotting waste bin in a fish market like the guy down the street does, then you are a hater and a bigot as so called justification to try and make a criminal out Canadian citizens because the LGBT quite obviously demonstrates that it is that sick, transparent and pathetic.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada