Assyrian Woman Urges Rep. Ilhan Omar's Supporters to Visit Omar's Minnesota District

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Feb 13, 2019
Enjoy the 4 minute video included of this Assyrian womans speech tearing up leftist / globalist garbage and I will add:

1. Every single muslim on the planet is loyal to islam.

2. Islam deems violent hate crimes against non muslims as acceptable.

3. These violent hate crimes against non muslims escalate everywhere muslim populations begin to rise in modern day.

I never once claimed that all muslims physically commit the violence.

Now look at this Trojan horse "islam" wher all muslims play their part

The muslims who do not actually commit the violent hate crimes against non muslims are the horse itself and inside the horse are those who commit the violent hate crimes against non muslims. You got to see it as a whole and how it is being used to understand what is really going on here. Again all muslims are loyal to islam so you think long and hard about that. Perhaps this will give muslims something to think about as well as they knowingly or obliviously support such disgusting behavior. I certainly hope so.

Now look at the Trojan horse that carries the Trojan horse called islam inside of it like a matryoshka doll which is a wider spread Trojan horse supported by selfish, greedy and ignorant dummies of every other religion everywhere on the planet that those of other religions exist because they are all quite obviously too stupid, selfish, greedy and ignorant to actually value human life more than they value a factually proven foundation of filthy religious lies and the proof is simply that they stoop to being religious.

It's time to criminalize the Trojan horse called "freedom of religion" permanently Canada for the well being and sanity of current and future generations thus we can finally start believing in ourselves and one another with such sick and filthy lies out of the way thus no longer dividing us as such sick and filthy lies have been doing for thousands of years. Like duh, time to wake up.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada