Bravo Mario Lopez, why would you want to be among radical scum anyway?!

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Feb 13, 2019
Bravo Mario Lopez, why would you want to be among radical leftist compulsive, obsessive lying and deceiving scum anyway?! These sicko leftists are obviously out to turn children into sick freaks who can't procreate and to stupid to know the factual difference between a man and a woman. These sicko leftists even attempt to force laws on the public which attempt to dictate citizens have to lie for these sickos in attempt to make everyone else a sick, lowly, filthy liar like these sicko leftists. These sickos are the types that sue for refusing to bake an illegitimate garbage cake while at the same time these sickos are getting away with refusing to serve Trump supporters while even having opposition officials kicked out of restaurants etc. They are also trying to remove decent people from the right to have decent jobs for simply not stooping to supporting their sicko lies and deceptions while they attempt to replace decent people having jobs with more compulsive obsessive lying deceiving sicko leftists.

The only thing offensive here to a rational thinking person who values facts over lies are these sicko leftists sick behavior while they pretend that being offended by their sick and filthy behavior is what is offensive to try and hide they have no validity, just a slew of sick and filthy lies and deceptions they want to force on innocent children let alone the rest of us. I'll never succumb to such sick and filthy garbage that the LGBT represents and I think it's time you all make a stand against their sicko behavior. Show these sickos that our children are something to be proud of, not to be abused as political sicko vices for abusing society as a whole.

These sickos do not belong anywhere near children, they belong in insane asylums until they start accepting themselves for what they are instead of free and attempting to dictate anyone should ever have to stoop to accept these sickos for what they are not and will never be of which these sickos have been using to go around trying to rob everyone else of what we are with their sick and filthy lies and deceptions.

They want to defecate on your children while acting like you being offended by their sick behavior is what is in any way shape or form as what is offensive. You being offended by some sick creep lying to your kids is what sickos seem to think is justification to attack you which is quite obviously insane, not a mentality any sane person wants around their children and justly so especially when they obviously want to try and make your kids as insane and as sick as they.

This whole sick transgarbage being legal is what needs to be criminalized for the well being and sanity of current and future generations quite obviously. Children deserve far better than to have this sick garbage forced upon them as does the rest of society. When homosexuality was legalized, discrimination against heterosexuality should have been criminalized (thus criminalizing people pretending to be the opposite sex) which would have put a stop to this whole transgarbage insanity manifestation decades ago because being heterosexual doesn't include having sex with some sicko born with the same sex genital that the heterosexual them self is born with pretending to be something that sicko is not and will never be which is the opposite sex that the LGBT sicko is born. There is no such thing as a sex change, the term sex change is a lie used to assist homosexuals with robbing heterosexuals of our right, freedom and liberty to be heterosexual. The LGBT are the bigots and the sickos pretending to be offended in attempt to continue to get away with their sick behavior. Never lie for these sick and filthy LGBT low life scum bags period and that includes communities pulling together and getting your children far away from their sick and filthy insanity manifestations of lies and deceptions. If schools were empty because people are fed up with such sick behavior forced on children who would be left to take these sickos ad their filthy lies seriously?! If their sick behavior offending people offends these sickos, then they will stop offending people with their sick behavior otherwise they obviously have no valid ground to be taken serious in the first place which is also why they try and force laws upon citizens attempting to dictate citizens should ever stoop to having to lie for these sickos which is extremely offensive and absurd.

So here we have an actor standing up for innocent children and we a bunch of mentally redundant imbeciles who want to defecate on your children with a slew of sick, filthy and extremely offensive lies and deceptions trying to make Mario Lopez out to be the bag guy for standing up for your innocent children. Time to kick sicko leftist radicals from Hollywood and public office, and remove sicko liars from decent jobs because we all deserve far better than a sicko leftist insanity manifestation of lies and deceptions let alone from a slew of sickly looking and acting fakes and phonies scrambling to try and drag everyone else down to their sick and filthy compulsive obsessive lying deceiving level because they don't want to accept themselves for what they factually are in the first place which s determined only by what genital they are born with thus what sex and gender they are born and will always be until the day they die.

No need to thank me Mario Lopez, as always it's my pleasure to stand strong against sickos abusing children and society!

3 minute 19 second video with Mario Lopez and Liz Wheeler for you to see for yourself:


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada