Breaking: Muslim terrorist stabs Jews in Israel

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Jul 26, 2018
Breaking: Palestinian terrorist breaks into home in Adam (Near Jerusalem) and stabs Israelis. 3 injured, two critically. Neighbors managed to neutralize the assailant.
The Two Israelis were seriously injured in their own home, after a Muslim terrorist invaded their home and tried to kill them "in the name of Allah".
Please pray for Israel.
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Jul 5, 2018
The law of Moses requires all foreigners to be expelled or convert. Israel is playing with fire and has to come to that point sooner or later. No muzzies (the old Baal "religion") should be allowed in Israel. The Baal priests were all murdered since they could not call down any fire on the sacrifices. Come on and wake up. Cast out all of them. This is the Abrahamic land covenant foretold to be repossessed 1790 years to May, 1948 earlier and that 2/3rds would be killed (Holocaust) before letting in. Everything is happening as the prophets have stated.