Canada May As Well Fire All MP's If Government Is Given Absolute Power

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Feb 13, 2019
The thought of the selfish, greedy, ignorant, compulsive, obsessive, lying, deceiving, globalist crime organization and lobbyist sock puppet liberal government having full power over anything is in no way acceptable or even close to reasonable especially in lieu of their pathetic excuse for a track record on many levels, of which they almost always claim to be doing the opposite of what they wind up proving to be up too to further deceive to get away with abusing Canadians with such rubbish that they obviously represent the bunch of back stabbing tyrants and traitors that they already prove to be.

Why are they still in office let alone feel entitled to table themselves for absolute power ... Times "absurd" by a thousand. If they first pay back all of the billions they took from Canada and gave away around the world as if they already have a pre signed Canada check book while we head deeper into crisis then let's talk trusting those who prove to be worthy which is quite obviously a far cry from what this liberal government proves to be time and time again like a severely broken record. They have already been setting Canadians up for disaster for quite some time. Having these imbeciles in office especially during a so called crisis is like having Canadians heads locked in a guillotine.

If the government is granted absolute power then what good is your MP because they obviously become irrelevant in a dictatorship!

Oh right make it easy on the globalist crime organization and lobbyists so instead of having a gun pointed at the back of several officials heads to force their rubbish through legislation etc. they will only have to point it at one eager tyrants head is where this is going.

What Canadian would be stupid enough to trust this tyrannical government consisting of compulsive obsessive liars and deceivers willing to force legislation that dictates Canadian citizens should have to lie for some sick and filthy selfish interest group like the lgbt so they can turn around and also use it not only to allow homosexuals to pretend to be what they are not and will never be so that they can go around like the bunch of bigots they genuinely prove to be robbing heterosexuals of what we are with such sick and filthy lies and deceptions while also using such disgusting filth as bill C-16 as valid consent from children as justification to kill their reproductive organs while threatening parents with 5 yrs prison for not going along with their child consenting with such disgusting filth. Shame on our officials in general for even considering this let alone reading it, passing it or enforcing such disgusting filth, yeah bill C-16. Trying to force citizens to lie through passing such legislation, what kind of sick so called role model is that for any kind of government let alone an extremely sick one?!!

The sick perversion of masochistic lust to want to destroy any child's reproductive organs is comparable too a paedophile raping their virgin reproductive organs. It's an invasion of children's genitals with liars creating legislation to get away with such sick behavior and again while trying to make criminals and threatening 5 years prison for citizens not willing to go along with such sick and filthy lies and deceptions. Create legislation to bypass parental consent called bill C-69 and the 2017 amendment to try and force on parents that children consent, not the parents. Our officials obviously are eager to support such sick lust. This is disgusting and you all go right ahead and think about that, these people are mentally sick and have been getting away with this behind the public's back as much as possible over the years. This is what the globalist crime organization wants your officials to do to you, and your officials including MP's outside the liberal gov't obviously are eager to screw Canadians by supporting such filth and now the criminals in government creating legislation to assist criminals in office get away with criminal activity as allowing adults to violate children's reproductive organs also want to assign themselves absolute power over Canada's finances when where they belong is in prison for treason and tyranny as do all MP's supporting allot of sick globalist crime organization rubbish.

Citizens would be wise to find a way to remove the guns from the backs of our officials heads to end this globalist crime organization and lobbyist rhetoric. Think, why else would they appear to be so eager to keep stabbing Canadians in the back. They are either really sick in the head or have a gun pointed at the backs of their heads I find to be along the lines of what is quite obvious.

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