Canada MP Candice Bergen "The Worst" Is An Easy Toss Up Between Justin And His Father Pierre

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Feb 13, 2019
The worst for Canadian citizens safety and well being infiltrating the PM chair that is. One sold out our banks thus setting into motion an illusion of endless debt to criminals now demanding our elected, appointed and designated officials further steal from Canadians and sell out to the thieving lobbyist / globalist crime organizations dictatorship. The other is a tyrant serving lobbyist / globalist crime organization dictatorship thus placing Canadian citizens lives deliberately in danger to an illegal invasion while also fast tracking in muslims of which again muslims are all loyal to islam. islam deems violent hate crimes against non muslims as acceptable. These violent hate crimes against non muslims escalate everywhere in modern day around the world where muslim populations begin to rise but Justin Trudeau welcomes this danger to the lives of Canadian citizens anyway because he obviously deliberately advocates violent hate crimes against Canadian citizens by tyrannically welcoming this influx of muslims. Notice Trudeau also advocates hiding what goes on in these other countries from Canadian main stream media, while also hiding these violent hate crimes already going on in our very own country for a coupl of years now way ahead of this UN invasion compact because he doesn't want Canadian citizens to be aware that it is illegal immigrants or muslims committing these violent hate crimes against Canadians because then Canadians will rise in numbers to put a stop to this sick behavior of welcoming illegal invaders as well those loyal to islam which deems violent hate crimes against non muslims as acceptable. In such countries like Germany, UK, Sweden and now it looks like France, tyrants and traitors deliberately advocate violent hate crimes against non muslim citizens, as well illegal invader violence against actual citizens while hiding who is committing the crime and why they commit the crime from the public via main stream mdia while instead claiming citizens victimized by the violence and speaking out against these violent hate crimes are the ones committing what these lying tyrants, traitors and phonies are calling hate speech. For citizens speaking out against being victims of violent hate crimes, these citizens are also being slandered as racist to try and hide that these sickly tyrants and traitors advocating violent hate crimes against their own citizens have no validity, just more lies. Justin Trudeau eagerly aims Canada towards this path as his actions already speak volumes no matter what he claims. A bunch of phonies known as traitors and tyrants turn backs on citizens, turn backs on democracy and instead take the pay cheque provided by citizens to cater to lobbyist / globalist crime organization dictatorship of which lobbyists / the globalist crime organization is using those tyrants and traitors to force a bunch of sick and filthy slew of lies upon citizens to assist the globalist crime organization in robbing citizens of a future of several countries simultaneously in modern day while dividing those countries with an insanity manifestation of cheap and transparent lies and deceptions while also setting up economies to be crippled, depleting reserves, throwing billions away while Canadians for example suffer increased homelessness and starvation while illegal invaders are pampered in hotels because the globalist crime organization wants to cripple our economy and flood us with invaders to assure a quicker demise to the economy as well ensure chaos, war and divide while supporting violent hate crimes against citizens while hiding the violent hate crimes against citizens in the main stream media to try and keep citizens as oblivious of the violent hate crimes supported by these tyrants and Traitors in hopes that the vast majority of any of these countries doesn't catch on until it is too late. As countries become crippled, that is when they move in to steal all of the resources and Justin Trudeau is obviously on board with such a sick, filthy and disgusting plans.

Of course those of every religion here in Canada are eager to help Justin Trudeau welcome muslims quite obviously with their filthy freedom of religion. The religious in Canada obviously couldn't care less that they put Canadians lives in danger and proof of this obvious fact is that they are religious and their freedom of religion (Also endorsed by Pierre Trudeau go figure) in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms supports Justin Trudeau bringing in an army of those who are "all" loyal to islam which deems violent hate crimes against non muslims as acceptable. Ahh the religious, the globalist crime organizations best friend and most gullible and ignorant puppets.

It's an easy toss up between Justin and Pierre Trudeau (I could go in to more subjects involving both of them but likely will save that for another day) for the worst for Canadian citizens safety and well being that ever infiltrated the Canadian PM's chair.

Candice Bergen, if you are going to slam Justin Trudeau in the future go harder I advise, he deserves it. Champion it, own it and take control of it. It also helps to specify "what for" when saying someone is "the worst" or even "the best" for that matter.

Lobbying / globalist crime organization interference needs to be criminalize and political parties dispersed for their support of this corruptive behavior sabotaging our democracy with treason and tyranny. Oh there is much more that primarily needs to be done to turn things around for the well bing and safety of current and future generations but I'll cut this here for now ...


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada