Canada MP Michelle Rempel Video: Justin Trudeau sneaks changes to Canada's immigration

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Feb 13, 2019
They lie and call you racist to hide they have no validity, so it is make up lies about individuals to try and make their lies the issue to evade being held into genuine account on the foundation of the issue from being properly addressed. I warned all of you on several occasion 10 - 15 years ago of this tactic when the LGBT was using it to force their sick, filthy, disgusting and inexcusable lies and deception on Canadians. But hey, politicians instead cowered and even got in on slandering me up with LGBT lies and now this, These leftists are still using such chap and pathetic tactics, force lies on Canadian citizens when this could have been prevented a decade and a half ago had you just paid attention to the severity of what this primary factual fundamentalist and world class activist was sharing with all of you out of the goodness of my heart while also warning you of where such tactics were leading towards. also warned all of you of he importance of definitions of words and warned where replacing definitions if words with leftist lies would lead. I specifically recall referencing the word gay at the time and how it's genuine definition only means happy and not sexually retarded. So now they call things a phobia which are not even an irrational fear, they call hate being against sick liberal behavior, they call being against people of all skin colors including your own racist for being against illegal invasion and the list of their phony tactics goes on and on. They have no validity so they attempt every lie and deception like taking the genuine meaning of terms and words and simply replace them with liberal lies in attempt to use such rubbish as any form justification because they have no validity, just more sickening lies and deceptions which could have been prevented from escalating to this point long ago had you all listened and paid close attention. Now you reap what MP ignorance and cowardice has sewn thus here you are falsely being accused of being a racist to detour attention away from their support of sickening illegal invasion.

When I tell you MP's etc. that allot of lies and deceptions need to be removed from legislation etc,. I am not kidding around and perhaps now all of these years later you are beginning to understand. it's not too late Michelle, there is only now more work to be done to eliminate the accumulated rubbish over the years. Allot of time and resources wasted on years of rubbish but that rubbish needs to be removed none the less.

As I warned all of you MP's etc. within 24 hours of New York announcing free health care to illegals months ago and now the city appearing on the verge of collapse, our borders are in dire need of being enforced without allowing entry to prevent even millions from crossing, and thy are still crossing over a slew of liberal and globalist lies and deceptions like labeling you a racist for being against their support of illegal activity used to divide and conquer countries.

They do not want a rational conversation on the issue Michelle because they have no validity, just a slew if lies and deceptions like "you racist" to evade genuinely addressing the issue, just like the LGBT has been getting away with such sick and filthy tactics for decades.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada