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Feb 13, 2019
Below is the petition as revealed by clicking the link. Perhaps it's to get the ball rolling in a new direction like a non confidence vote otherwise I really don't see what Canadians will benefit from this. When was the last time the liberal government in Canada genuinely answered a question? Is a petition suppose to change that? What adds up with the carbon tax cost cover up is Canadians lives is the price many will pay I find quite obvious and that being the case also reveals this country has no leader, just a sock puppet and other sock puppets working for an extremely shady and sick narrative of divide and conquer Canada by infiltrating government and other so called official positions.


The Trudeau government has asked Parliament for permission to impose a carbon tax that will raise the price of gasoline, home heating, groceries and other consumer goods; and

The Trudeau government has calculated how much the tax will cost the average Canadian family, but has refused to reveal that cost, in what is being called the “carbon tax cover up”.

We the undersigned, call upon the government to immediately end the carbon tax cover up and reveal the true cost of this new tax to the average Canadian family.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
Oct 27, 2020
Actually I think the petition might be a waste of time! Not that I approve of the LIE-beral carbon tax SCAM, its just that it might be good to give LIE-berals enough rope to well and truly HANG themselves!

Right now - a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE are both mighty disturbed by the debts we are running up - AS THEY SHOULD BE!

And at the same time a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE are asking: "What will happen to ME if the aid gets cut off" and they ask this question with some good justification!

The LIE-beral CRUNCH will come in spring 2021 - when they must FINALLY present a budget! And they WILL BE FORCED TO CHOOSE between picking the pockets of ordinary Cdns - OR SEEKING TO BUY civil service union HOG wage increases of the sort that HOGS DEMAND as payment for their votes being sold to keep LIE-berals in power!

We witnessed the political death of Ontari-owe LIE-berals when the HOGS became aware that Wynne-bag LIE-berals were not supplying suitable GRAVY - IN SPITE of having DOUBLED the Ontari-owe debt and Our idiot Boy Justin and his federal loosers are in EVEN WORSE TROUBLE thanks to the Wuhan Pestlience that they FAILED to block at the border - ALLEGEDLY for fear of being called RACIST!

Wuhan Pestilence got a good grip on Cdns due to LIE-berals not willing to do anything to annoy the Beijing Butchers - and also because LIE-berals had NO INTENTION of wasting THEIR GRAVY forcing people into quarantine! It is a DAMNING indictment that in the early days when Cdns were clamouring for govt aid to get home from Wuhan and from various ports where cruise liners had docked - the FIRST WORDS out of the mouth of Our idiot Boy were these: "WHO is going to pay for the chartered air flights and costly quarantine measures"?

AS I have stated before- ALL LIE-beral policy is FAILING! And here is an older article proving that point! With some comments of my own in brackets):

GUEST COLUMN: The Liberals have now admitted the carbon tax is a job-killer

(This article is now several years old - but in light of LIE-beral plans to launch a HUGE new green “initiative” in the throne speech of Sept 23, 2020 - the article and its damning indictment of LIE-beral policy - REMAINS TIMELY and relevant!)

Special to Toronto Sun. Published: August 7, 2018. Updated: August 7, 2018 5:25 PM EDT

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists. By Pierre Poilievre, Conservative member of Cdn Parliament.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna admitted an inconvenient truth last week: the Liberal carbon tax would drive jobs out of Canada. The admission came in the form of a partial flip-flop on the issue.

The government quietly posted a document online indicating that 80%-90% of greenhouse gas emissions of large industrial corporations would be exempt from the tax. The reason? The government wants to avoid high costs that push industrial production out of Canada to places without carbon taxes.

(Oh dear - LIE-berals have been denying for nearly two decades now that their green plans mimic the disgraced and failed European version that has been proven full of corruption for everything from false reporting of emissions to sales of fraudulent carbon “credits” by organized crime gangs!)

(And of course the European Union green “plan” was GUTTED even before it was implemented by the need to save jobs by giving pollution exemptions to big biz and to powerful unions with a long history of supporting LIE-beral leaders! And now Cdn LIE-berals are heading down the same poisoned political road!)

But wait; McKenna has told us all along that the carbon tax would actually help our economy. Now she accepts it could simply move business, jobs and emissions out of Canada to more polluting countries where the emissions would ironically be higher.

(Climate Barbie McKenna is a TRUE LIE-beral - thus her idea of helping the economy revolves around helping LIE-beral supporters! Other Cdns who do not vote LIE-beral are NOT seen as part of Canada by LIE-berals!)

According to the great energy CEO Michael Binnion, making one tonne of aluminum generates 11 tonnes of carbon in the U.S., but thanks to abundant hydroelectricity, only two tonnes in B.C. This means, when heavy environmental taxes and regulations drive aluminum production out of B.C., they not only kill Canadian jobs, but increase global greenhouse gas emissions.

(But logic is not relevant to the production of LIE-beral supporters! As Poilievre points out - Cdn aluminum production is much cleaner than the Yankee version! And in TRUE LIE-beral insanity - Trudope wants greater economic ties with China - and its COAL FIRED heavy industry! Yankees complain that Canada is being used as a cover to sneak Chinese Aluminum into United States - and the Chinese Aluminum has an even bigger carbon foot print than the YANKEE version!)

(Yet always narrow minded LIE-berals are prepared to destroy Cdn jobs in favour of Beijing Butchers - who are using the profits from their international sales to buy weapons with which to bully neighbouring countries!)

In related news - Cdn oil producers operate under the toughest environmental standards in the world - yet LIE-berals want to destroy the Cdn oil patch and force us to continue buying oil from Socialist Pesthole Venezuela - where environmental considerations are irrelevant to the bankrupt Socialist dictators!)

(Yes! LIE-beral logic is so fuzzy that LIE-berals maul Alberta for operating its tar sands yet LIE-berals STAY SILENT while BOTH California and Venezuela operate their own tar sands projects! LIE-berals will support like minded Venezuelan Socialists while mauling western Cdns simply because they do NOT vote LIE-beral! And as mentioned - the Cdn verion of tar sand IS CLEANER than its less regulated foreign competition!)

For several years, Canada has insisted on rigorous environmental standards for our industries, among the world’s toughest. For example, much of the world’s oil is beyond dirty, compared to Canadian crude.

(The ugly reality is that cargo ships use the cheapest fuel they can find on international markets - with the result that global trade is a MAJOR contributer to air pollution thanks to that filthy fuel being burned with NO REGULATIONS!)

(IN related news - the filthy fuel burned in cargo ships poses another problem for LIE-berals! All manner of essential food and other cargo is shipped to native reserves and communities along the Arctic Ocean/ Beaufort Sea and newly implemented Ottawa LIE-beral fuel regulations mean the cost of living in these northern towns is SOARING along with the recently mandated LIE-beral cost of using better quality diesel fuel - ONLY for Cdn vessels in our national waters!)

(Thus LIE-berals are now looking at an EVEN BIGGER BILL to subsidize unemployed and often suicidal natives living in remote third world style encampments - where everything from soup to nuts is shipped in since there are no roads across the Muskeg!)

So, if the Liberals really cared about the earth, they wouldn’t impose a damaging carbon tax on the world’s cleanest industries. Instead, they would admit the world needs more Canada, and keep industry and jobs here.

It is not clear if the Liberals have accepted this common-sense argument or if McKenna climbed down to avoid having the carbon tax lead to mass layoffs in the middle of the coming election year.

(LIE-berals CANNOT accept or even discuss the logic that Poilievre mentions! LIE-berals are in a frantic struggle for survival as their idiot cousins - NDPees and Greenies seek to erode the LIE-beral voter base! Logical discussion of genuine environmental issues only serves sensible people and DOES NOT buy LIE-beral minded voter support - nor will it aid NDPees or Greenies! DELIBERATE and calculated illogic is the leftie order of the day!)
Oct 27, 2020
Part two carbon conundrum

Whatever the reason, it’s problematic that the Liberals are not making similar exemptions for consumers who will pay the tax on 100% of their heat, gas and other fuels. If the Liberals cared as much about hard-working Canadians as they do about large industrial players, Minister McKenna would have offered them a break too. After all, we have to heat our homes. But, unlike industry, we don’t have the option of moving if we can’t afford Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax. So, industrial corporations get a break, but working families pay more. And the government won’t even come clean about how much more.

(LIE-berals see clearly that the Cdn majority DOES NOT support LIE-beral policy - after all - Ontari-owe - with 40% of the Cdn population has already MAULED the Wynne-bag LIE-berals for trying to implement the green policy madness that Our idiot Boy now wants to force on us!)

(Ordinary people argue against LIE-beral immigration policy; against LIE-beral economic preferential treatment for union HOGS; against gun control that only punishes honest hunters while ignoring gang bangers! Yet LIE-berals push ahead with deceit and deception at every turn!)

(Cdns are worried about gun violence - yet the LIE-beral solution is to ban long guns in the hands of legal owners - while ignoring the ILLEGAL PISTOLS in the hands of gang bangers!)

(LIE-berals recognize that average Cdns will NEVER buy an honest presentation of LIE-beral policy! Hence the frantic LIE-beral need to censor critics and to BRIBE supporters who know only to well that LIE-beral policy will end up biting them on the ass as well as it does ordinary people!)

(The Wynne-bag Ontari-owe govt was destroyed because - even though it doubled the Ontari-owe provincial debt - LIE-beral FAILED to shovel gravy into civil service union HOG pockets fast enough to satisfy the GREED! Thus leftie HOGS turned to NDPees to punish Wynne-bag!)

No wonder.

If private sector economists are correct, a $50/tonne carbon tax will cost average households more than $1,000 a year, and $1,100 in Nova Scotia where people can least afford it. That’s electoral poison for the Liberals. They would rather keep the costs secret and let consumers think the higher prices are the result of greedy gas stations and grocery store owners.

(A just released report - Sept 2020 - from the PBO -federal budget office has announced that within 16- 24 months our national debt will become “UNSUSTAINABLE” if LIE-beral spending continues at this rate! I suggest that Our idiot Boy and his loser LIE-berals have only 16 - 24 WEEKS of bribery and vote buying time left to them as international bond rating services will be listening VERY CAREFULLY to the thrown speech that LIE-berals will be making after Parliament re-opens Sept 23! LIE-berals have ALREADY been warned about using Wuhan Virus as an excuse to spend like LOONS!)

(We can be certain that any LIE-beral plan to continue racking up huge debts while killing off large numbers of jobs in our most profitable industries - will be the cue to start hitting idiot LIE-berals with HIGHER INTEREST CHARGES and assorted penalties for being so stupid and wasteful!)

The good news is that across our country, Canadians are catching on. They know they’ll pay more for everything. And, they’re backing politicians — like the Premiers of Saskatchewan and Ontario — who call out the hypocrisy and unfairness upon which the Liberal carbon tax is built.

(Yes- LIE-berals are playing a DANGEROUS GAME with our lives! The new LIE-beral green plans will require a non confidence vote! If the LIE-beral minority govt is defeated - then LIE-berals will run an election while HIDING the true cost of all their lunatic ideas!)

(In addition - an election call would mean an immediate HALT to any investigation into the WE Scandal - meaning LIE-berals would get to campaign WITHOUT having to answer anything about WE! We NEED to recall that LIE-berals are already IN CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT - for failing to to supply the full package of WE documents - in spite of the fact that this refusal VIOLATES British Parliamentary law that has existed for over 350 years!)

(Before we have an election - we should ask WHAT IT IS that LIE-berals are hiding in their WE papers!)

The pressure is beginning to work. Liberals love carbon taxes. But they love power even more. So they’re not just running for election, but running from some of their own policies.

(LIE-berals have assured us that in spite of ominous grumbling from bond rating services - there will be no new taxes imposed by a LIE-beral govt! But - there has been SYSTEMATIC LIE-beral evasion of just how much all the EXISTING TAXES will be driven up once the LIE-beral credit cards ae cancelled!)

(LIE-berals have several converging problems! First - how to continue HIDING key elements of the WE Scandal! One wonders if the We Scandal has the same power to destroy our Idiot Boy as the Adscam scandal did with LIE-beral Jean Chretien?)

(Second - LIE-berals must persuade at least one opposition party to support the new green policy they are preparing - in spite of wide spread public opposition to such mouldy green madness! Our idiot Boy is surely aware that his plan is simply a greatly expanded and more damaging version of the Ontari-owe LIE-beral plan that destroyed Wynne-bag! Will NDPees be willing to support LIE-berals in such a crazy plan? Singh must surely be reluctant since he might just pick up a pack of disgruntled former LIE-beral votes if he refuses to cooperate with Trudope - as happened with Horvath in the Ontari-owe election!)

(One wonders if Our idiot Boy is not actually HOPING that his minority govt will fall in a few weeks since it will offer him the MAJOR POLITICAL RESET he so desperately desires! If the idiot Boy wins another election - then he is vindicated and can continue implementing his insane policy!)

(If Our idiot Boy is defeated - then he gets a break as other leaders will do the heavy lifting of dealing with our insane LIE-beral created debt; with the lunatic demands of our civil service union HOGS who have been relentlessly spoiled by LIE-beral gravy; with the Race Based madness LIE-brels have sponsored with their relentless claims of “systemic racism” that are fuelling all manner of idiot demands by radical groups dedicated to the destruction of democracy and capitalism!)

(A BIG CHUNK of our national future - for either good or evil - will be decided in the weeks ahead!)