Canada Revenue Cuts Citizens Off Trillium Without Notice

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Feb 13, 2019
This Canadian citizen didn't get his trillium in April 2019. On May 9th 2019 this Canadian citizen called to find out what happened to his trillium having still not shown up from the month of April. This Canadian citizen was told he was sent a letter in October 2018 which this Canadian citizen never saw. This Canadian citizen was told that because he didn't send the requested rent receipts for 2017 allegedly requested in October 2018 that he was cut off of trillium until he sends his rent receipts for 2017 to the Manitoba office of which he has to wait for the proper address to send it too, to arrive in the mail before he can send anything.

Canada revenue isn't requesting photocopy's of rent receipts in the first place just so they can randomly cut Canadian citizens off without such citizens even getting any notice what so ever at their pleasure like some sick joke?!! Aside from this is very peculiar in the first place, way after this Canadian citizen did his taxes long before he received 2017's trillium since July 2018 and is suppose to finish in June 2018, this Canadian citizen could have easily sent that information to the Manitoba revenue office in October 2018 had this Canadian citizen been notified!!!

What can Canadian citizens trust when it comes to governing these days?!! How many Canadian citizens are being abused like this on top of all of the other ways Canadian citizens are being abused by government these days I wonder ... A couple of years ago they started using citizens tax returns to subsidize low income Canadians monthly which means that instead of getting an increase to match inflation you could no longer get your tax return in a lump sum because they were mailing a little bit of your tax return to you every month and calling that a subsidy. (Not once did this Canadian citizen make a deal out of that because this Canadian citizen cares and understands that Canadians are bestowed the illusion of debt as a province and a country primarily due to liberal incompetence) when Canadians expect that money to make ends meet then suddenly without having been subjected to any notice what so ever, no cheque comes in the mail ... it can have serious negative impacts on a citizens health to say the least which appears to be what the current federal government is all about when it comes to abusing Canadian citizens in modern day.

I know trillium is Ontario provincial but this is revenue Canada out of their Manitoba office toying with this Canadian citizen while the so called prime minister throws away billions to countries no majority of Canadians ever approved of to make our children slaves to the illusion of debt while our government deliberately does things like prevent pipelines from being built to kill our economy while throwing away billions on old pipe yet these thieves are still not prison but instead going after Canadian citizens who have monetarily next to nothing. This is absurd and Canadian citizens deserve far better that to be deprived what little we get, deserve far better that to be told it is family violence for not lying for a bunch of sick and pathetic compulsive obsessive liars called the LGBT, deserve far better than to be subjected to illegal invasion then furthermore abused with such pathetic lies as racist for opposing "ILLEGAL" invasion. The list just keeps going on and on, our biggest shame Canada is our pathetic excuse for government. thieves are in office taking from Canadians and abusing Canadian citizens when officials in office are being paid to represent Canadian citizen interest, not the dictation of severely mentally redundant radical selfish interest groups.

Canada revenue will likely be pleased to know, and the Liberal government will likely give a standing ovation that this Canadian citizen didn't file his 2018 income tax package this year because this Canadian citizen couldn't read the tax form because his eyes are getting very bad and subsequently this Canadian citizen is in for a very rough year but at the very least this Canadian citizen knows this time, what is to come.

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