Catherine McKenna lies again: A price on pollution McKenna says

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Feb 13, 2019
Carbon dioxide is not pollution

If carbon dioxide didn't feed plant life thus create oxygen, we wouldn't exist. It's essential to our survival.

In this clip we have Catherine McKenna making that lie in the form of a statement that she is putting a price on pollution, along with we have a CTV phony claiming those who do not stoop to selling out to the lies and deceptions of the globalist crime organizations divide and conquer while betraying citizens and their economies at every turn narrative is the non credible one but many are aware that such sell outs as this CTV so called reporter are at best hypocrites for attempting to label others for what they themselves, such as what this CTV phony proves to be. I've serious reservations when it comes to rebel media but seeing Catherine McKenna lying to Canadians again along with this lying intellectual coward trying to pass off anyone else as non credible is a sick joke. Just like it's a sick joke to have 600 million in Canadian revenue fund such rubbish as the low life filthy scum bag globalist narrative to assure we have idiot brainless cold hearted sock puppets for an excuse as a so called government and so called main stream media with obvious vacancy in the intellectual department as does the current excuse for a so called government.

(On a side note painting one's face black doesn't qualify one a racist, it depends upon their actions while having their face painted that might qualify the person as racist. I mean if someone painted their face black and went around mimicking stabbing everyone around them to death would imply that they are inciting this as typical behavior of people with black skin thus could be considered validly racist. Trudeau is a lying hypocrite on this one be it he ever claimed anyone else as racist for such silly behavior. I hope you didn't stoop to lying like some liberal sicko by even referring to this as racist because then you fell for supporting sickly leftist and globalist lies and shame on anyone for such sick behavior. You want to genuinely criminalize wearing sick and offensive disgusting filth then criminalize transgarbage aka those pretending to be the opposite sex / gender they are born thus will always be. They have no respect for what it means to be a man, a woman, and uncle, an aunt, a grandma, a grandpa, a mother, a father, a heterosexual, or even innocent child yet these sick compulsive obsessive lying deceiving sickos have the nerve to even imply such lies as anyone else is the bigot is unforgivably absurd. Shame on all of you for ever supporting such sick and filthy extremely offensive disgusting filth!)


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada