Champ: Florida City Official Calls Out Mayor for COVID-19 Response | NowThis

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Feb 13, 2019
Way to feed it to the air headed sock puppet! To many of these sick clowns in office in several countries and especially western civs these past couple of decades and noticed by many especially these past couple of years and even more so in recent months. Such clowns catering to the globalist crime organizations dictatorship belong behind bars for treason and tyranny while conspiring against citizens with evidence of the precise same rubbish being forced upon several parts of the globe in modern day and again more specifically western civilizations being targeted with such sick rubbish. Such transparent sickos are yet to pay the price.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
Oct 27, 2020
ALL OF THIS CRAP comes back to Damned LIE-berals! I refer to the DORKS who told us it was RACIST to block the borders to Covidiots and their Pestilence! Too many Covidiots are whining about their "RIGHTS" while avoiding ANY suggestion regarding how to get things back under control!

FORCING PEOPLE to wear masks and obey social distancing rules IS ESSENTIAL! If less people are exposed to the Pestilence - then there will be LESS PAIN involved in aiding those who genuinely NEED such aid! Too bad LIE-berals are focussed ONLY on throwing out free money and to HELL with logic or reason!

United States is enduring the same sort of issues with FREELOADERS that Canada is currently enduring! The number of renters in arrears in Toronto Community Housing INCREASED BY TWENTY FIVE PERCENT in 2019 - BEFORE Wuhan Virus appeared! LIE-beral policy is so CONSISTENTLY BAD that it is encouraging too many people to CRY POOR as a way to CHEAT the system and escape their debts!

And of course the DEBT CHEATS are TAINTING those who are genuine debt trouble! Our LIE-beral loving loonie leftist media whores delighted in supporting LIE-berals when they refused to become "RACIST" and limit the number of Covidiots crossing our borders!

And of course once the Pestilence got fully established among our people - the media whores had a GREAT TIME selling us SOB STORIES about the suffering of people whose biz was going bankrupt! EVEN WORSE - as the Yankee death toll soared - LIE-beral media BLAMED TRUMP - while Covidiot state governors REFUSED to close beaches and bars etc!

How SAD that LIE-beral media has blamed Trump while REFUSING TO SUGGEST ANYTHING that Trump should have done to limit the spread of the Pestilence! But media whores DID play lots if B.S. statements from Biden telling the public HE "would do whatever it takes to control the Pestilence"! And yet NOBODY HAS ASKED BIDEN WHAT HE WOULD DO - that would be in any way different from what Trump has done! The STENCH of LIE-beral media HYPOCRISY is POWERFUL INDEED!

Worst of all - LIE-berals are prepared to financially CRIPPLE MULTIPLE GENERATIONS in order to BUY the affection of the public! And of course that affection will turn to RAGE when the tax bills arrive!

LIE-berals have a game plan much like that of Adolf Hitler! By the time the FULL PLAN is exposed - it will be TOO LATE to escape it!

As some clever person pointed out: "You can VOTE your way into Communism, but you have to SHOOT your way back out!

There is an IMMEDIATE NEED to effectivly close the borders, compel Covidiots to wear masks and follow social distance rules; and ENSURE THAT ABSOLUTELY ALL PERSONS suspected of being infected will ABSOLUTELY OBEY quarantine rules TO THE LETTER until a COMPETENT DOCTORS clears them!

Your right to shun wearing a mask in public ENDS at the point where I risk being infected with the Pestilence YOU may be carrying! Your right to go to a bar or beach or sporting event DOES NOT give you the right to spread a dangerous Pestilence nor to bankrupt the country!