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Aug 14, 2018
I call you to assist me for to stop using the name "Palestine" with any connection to the Arabs.
The word "Palestine" has European origin (the Philistimes arrived to the Middle East from Greece about 3200 years ago and of course they had no connection to Semitic race and the Arabs). Therefore using the name "Palestine" with the connection to the Arabs has no historic basis. There was never existed, never known and never mentioined in no historical origins the so-called "Palestinian people". In Palestine (the name given by Romans to Judea and Samaria in 2nd century for to replace Jewish origins of these territories) never existed so-callled "Palestinian state". Jerusalem never was at all the capital of any Arab state. Therefore there is no basis to call Israel as occupant in Judea and Samaria.
So called Palestinian Autonomy has to be called Arab Autonomy in Israel. Of course it is impossible to accept the words "State of Palestine" on the table of representative in UN there is sitting representative of never existed state of never existed people.
In addition: Israel never occupied territories because so called "occupied territories" till 1967 were occupied by Jordan - in Judea and Samaria and by Egypt - in Gaza. Jews can not be occupants in their own homeland - Judea. The names Judea and Jews has the same origin. In history there is unknown Arab country named Palestine. Jerusalem was never the capital of any Arab country.
Tha Arabs are calling Jerusalem not Al Aksa as the name of their fameous mosque but - Al Kuds (Kodesh - in Hebrew - what means - holy. The words Kuds in Arabic and Kodesh and Mikdash in Hebrew have the same origin - Temple). By calling Jerusalem as Al Kuds and not as Al Aksa the Arabs are accepting that Jerusalem was and is the place of 2 holy Jewish Temples.
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