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Aug 22, 2019
But only enemies see something formidable in the plans of the “Kremlin dreamers,” which do not really fly in the clouds, and mostly are very pragmatic
Russian President Vladimir Putin has set his state the most important task - to enter by 2024 to the five largest world economies. This is possible at high growth rates of the Russian economy. The development of the Far East plays an important role in achieving this goal, since the region is faced with the task of achieving economic growth of 6% by 2035.
“Russia, as the largest Eurasian power, is interested in the dynamic development of the Asia-Pacific region and is open to equal dialogue in multilateral formats,” stated in the telegram was sent by President Putin to the organizers and participants of the V Eastern Economic Forum, which will start very soon on September 4.
He also expressed confidence that the EEF-2019 will launch new, promising projects and outline the ways to implement the National Development Program of the Far East for the benefit of both residents of the Far Eastern Federal District and the hole Russia.
There will be session on the theme “Countries Competition for Economic Growth. What is the plan of Russia?”. Experts will discuss new ways to enhance economic growth in the Far East.
The search for new ways and tools to stimulate economic growth in the Far East will be given a separate session in the framework of the business program of the Eastern Economic Forum. Representatives of government, business and foreign experts will take part in the discussions.
During the special session of the EEF-2019, experts will discuss domestic and international experience in stimulating the economy. The forum participants will make proposals for the development of the non-resource sector of the economy and will consider new mechanisms that can give impulse to unlocking the potential for economic growth in the region.
What is so frightening in these plans of the Kremlin?
With a great desire to frighten a gullible public, you can do anything, especially as aggravated by the destructive policy of the White House, trying to maintain its position as a “world gendarme”, the situation actually looks frighteningly unstable. Of course it is a bit like that.
And the North American and West European “partners” of Russia do not see anything positive for themselves, of course, in the fact that during the existence of the Eastern Economic Forum 731 agreements were signed on its fields for a total amount of 8.75 trillion rubles.
“In the past five years, the Far East has collected a third of all foreign direct investment that came to the Russian Federation. I am deeply convinced that the Eastern Economic Forum has made a serious contribution to this. Here, on the Far Eastern land, state leaders and heads of major companies say that it is profitable to invest in the Far East today,” told Alexander Kozlov, Minister for Development of the Far East and the Arctic reporters.
According to him, 71.5% of all foreign investment falls to China (1.55 trillion rubles), 10.5% to South Korea and 5% to Japan. In addition to the oil and gas industry, agriculture, transportation, logistics, timber processing, and mining operations are also key areas for investment in the region.
“By the end of the year, the building of two joint Russian-Chinese cross-border projects that are most important for the Far East will be completed: a road bridge between Blagoveshchensk and Heihe and a railway bridge between the village of Nizhneleninskoye in the Jewish Autonomous Region and Tongjiang. Launch will be in April 2020. These are the first bridges across the Amur River between our countries,” said Alexander Kozlov.
Such far-reaching plans decisively change the general picture, which is still being drawn in the minds of some politicians in the West who still believe in the “sanctity and infallibility” of the dogmas on which the ideology of “liberal democracy”, controlled from Washington, is based.
The "controlled chaos" that the United States is imposing on all the so-called the “civilized” world, as the only true model of existence in modern conditions, probably suits someone in the West, if they choose dashing clowns, open gays and lesbians as prime ministers and presidents.
But in the Far East right now a new coordinate system is being built, which the countries of the Asia-Pacific region will be guided by in the future with their enormous resources, colossal potentials and grandiose ambitions.