Evidence Democrats Are Haters But No Evidence Trump Being Racist

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Feb 13, 2019
It doesn't matter the color of someone's skin, if they are attacking USA citizens through infiltration of the governing system then it is quite obviously the presidents responsibility to point out a red flag upon such hatred towards USA citizens and in the very least, telling such a threat to the citizens of the USA to leave the country if they don't like it was more than appropriate! This is the presidents every right to legitimately call out a threat to the citizens of the USA for what these sickos prove to be. It makes sense, you hate the citizens to defecate upon them so much then you obviously hate the country of those citizens you are infiltrating and it only makes sense to show such sick inexcusable and unrespectable trash the door no matter what phony titles these haters hide behind. The sickos lie calling Trump a racist because they are trying to hide that he has validity in making such claims. I call it attempting to impose deliberate ignorance through intellectual cowardice derived from having lack of validity onto the pubic as any sort of so called justification. Congress has just defecated on it's citizens with rhetoric yet again. These democrats are the types that want to continue to escalate defecating upon citizens while attempting to criminalize speaking against their sick behavior. If they think they can get away with this against the president then all citizens are targets. Don't ever tolerate such disgusting behavior in modern day that so called USA democrats exemplify.

The nerve of these sickos thinking that hiding behind phony titles somehow means citizens are suppose to respect them for defecating on citizens.

Socialism is hate against the citizens of any country, just look at Venezuela and what has happened to it's poor citizens. Islam deems violent hate crimes against non muslims as acceptable. All muslims are loyal to islam. These violent hate crimes against non muslims escalate everywhere around the world in modern day where muslim populations begin to rise. Every single muslim on the planet supports this hate against non muslims or they would quite obviously not be muslim because the fact remains that all muslims, not just some, not just who they try and classify as radical, every single one of them are loyal to islam.

A bunch of sickly liars passing garbage through congress doesn't give them validity, it just shows how eager officials are to turn backs on USA citizens like weak and pathetic intellectual cowards while infiltrators force their hateful lies and deceptions through congress as well upon the citizens of the USA.

I strongly suspect congress is being run by threats of blackmail for such pathetic democratic hateful rhetoric to even be considered let alone carried in the first place.

I'm a nationalist with white skin and it's something to be proud of because I care about the citizens of my country (no matter the color of their skin) to prevent this globalist insanity manifestation of lies and deceptions from continuing to use our officials and media as puppets here in Canada to destroy our future for their own selfish and greedy gain. All who support globalist rubbish are an enemy of the citizens of any country globalists currently infiltrate quite obviously. Call them out, shut them down and make them pay!

I'm not even against a proper world governing system. I'm against the globalist crime organizations obsession with their sick version of world governing through the greedy, selfish, ignorant dictatorship of specially a rotting skid mark in someone's underwear globalist mentality which sums up the extent of all globalists mentalities collectively and combined globally.

Stand your ground on this one President Trump and continue to make citizens as well people from around the world proud to see you stand against such sick and pathetic and transparent garbage. My pleasure to step up with the greatest of ease on this one.


On a side not they also went on about attempting to define the history of USA as immigration yet before immigration can occur, doesn't someone have to first found a country? Secondly this classifies so called first nations as having come here in the same manner as founders, stealing the land from the natural inhabitants is the phrase I think the first nations use when it applies to anyone else. 18 million First / Six Nations scattered across North America when pioneers arrived (arrived to no such thing as a country, just tribes scattered here and there fighting and living among one another) which is enough people to moderately populate an island the size of Cuba claiming the entirety of North America was stolen (it's like the globalist "the entire planet is mine" mentality, "and you being stranded on some deserted island globalists will never visit and not part of any country is you stealing from them you bunch of thieves") ...


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
Oct 27, 2020
Here is an article making some interesting comments about Trump! With some comments of my own in brackets):

If Trump is a racist he needs to go back to racism school

By Larry Elder.

Published: November 18, 2018. Updated: November 18, 2018 6:02 PM EST

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists

Abraham Lincoln, when informed that Gen. Ulysses S. Grant was a drunk, famously asked Grant’s accusers what whisky he was drinking so Lincoln could send a barrel to every general in the army. Keep this in mind when U.S. President Donald Trump’s critics accuse him of “racism” against blacks.

Under this “racist” president, black unemployment, since the government began keeping numbers, hit an all-time low in May. Polls show that inner-city parents want choice in education: specifically, they want the means to opt out of sending their children to an under-performing government school the child has been mandated to attend.

(This one of the great divides for parents! Some want to blame white privilege for all failings. Other parents are too busy chasing up their kids and making sure they are as fully motivated and organized as possible to take maximum advantage of the educational options available!)

Think tanks on the left (like the Brookings Institution) and think tanks on the right (like the Heritage Foundation) pretty much agree on the formula to escape poverty: finish high school; get married before having a child; and do not have that child before you are financially capable of assuming that responsibility.

But what about the quality of that high school education? A 2004 Fordham Institute study found 44% of Philadelphia public-school teachers with school-age children of their own placed them in private schools. By 2013, the nationwide average for private-school attendance was 11% of white families and 5% of black families.

(As I have said in the past- if parents had the option of sending their kids to an easily afforded private school- with greater discipline and control over kids, a great many of parents WOULD shun the public school system! Many parents hold a very sour perception of our public school performance!)

(It is my understanding that there is often a rather lower rate of violence and bullying at Ontari-owe Catholic schools because they have the ability to reject kids who cause to much trouble! Public schools are not so fortunate- and given a choice between pay raises for teachers and special ed classes for troublemakers- pay raises take priority and too many of our kids are being abandoned to try to learn in a violent and disruptive atmosphere!)

About choice in education, Trump’s secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, said: “What can be done about (improving primary education) is empowering parents to make the choices for their kids. Any family that has the economic means and the power to make choices is doing so for their children.”

(The first sensible steps are the obvious ones- a good nights rest, clean clothes, a decent breakfast and imparting a clear understanding to the kid that the parents consider good behaviour in school to be vitally important- and that bad behaviour will be punished!)

(It all sounds so simple- so how do so many city public schools fall apart? Shall we blame bad parents? We know that children raised in single parent homes struggle more through life! Or should we blame LIE-berals whose habit of excusing stupid behaviour and going light on crime is creating a climate of fear and desperation in too many cities? I say we should we point fingers of blame at BOTH- the bad parents and muddle headed LIE-berals!)

(And there is blame to spare for crap teachers who refuse to honestly admit what is going on at their work places! Either teachers must isolate disruptive and violence prone kids for the sake of those who can learn- but too often teachers cry POOR and claim such separation is unaffordable! Or teachers must step forward and implement sensible DISCIPLINE on bad apples! Yet teachers REFUSE punishment for fear of lawsuits from bigoted parents- backed up by LIE-berals- and teachers rely on the old standby- keeping kids after school as they have busses to catch! This means NO discipline of any sort in our schools!)

(Why is it that teachers do not speak honestly about disruptive influences and why do they not keep statistics on kids who dont ever complete assignments and do not attend class on any regular basis? The kid cannot learn if not in class!)

(Maybe it is time to KEEP KIDS in school till such time as they can pass a standard literacy test? LIE-berals often tell us we must be sympathetic to criminals because they are sad failures in life- usually ILL EDUCATED high school drop outs - so why not keep kids in school till they can pass a literacy test? Keeping kids in school till high school diploma was achieved would be “carrot and stick” - you cannot leave till you achieve!)

A 2016 poll in “Education Next” found 64% of blacks supported “a tax credit for individual and corporate donations that pay for scholarships to help low-income parents send their children to private schools.” Similarly, A 2015 PDK/Gallup Poll found 68% of blacks wanted the ability to “choose which public schools in the community the students attend, regardless of where they live.”

(In other words a whole lot of parents want to send their kids to the kind of orderly, logical school I have envisioned!)

Trump also wants to stop illegal immigration. Why should that matter to urban blacks?

(I recall the case of a kindly middle class, liberal minded couple living near Parkdale-Toronto- they had reached middle 40`s and had assumed they would never have kids! But surprise- out of the blue they had a boy- and that made for PROBLEMS!)

(The couple lived in a very nicely renovated town house in an area noted for some ROUGH territories! And they DID NOT want their boy going to the local schools!
If they stayed in the area with the addicts and immigrants then their kid would have to go to a private school and damn the cost! If they moved to a better area with better quality schools then the cost of housing would be prohibitive!)

(And there was that liberal GUILT at not wanting their child to go slumming with immigrants chosen by LIE-berals! Besides- we all know that schools in poor areas too often have LOW academic standards and this couple was white collar and expected their child to be as well!)

(There was also the issue of who the kid would come in contact with while traveling to school! The couple considered there were too many drug addicts and hookers etc on the way to the local school where they lived! And what white collar academically oriented parent would want their child to be the only white face in a sea of immigrant kids who mostly don’t speak English! Such parents want their kid to go someplace with HIGH academic standards and with well motivated and disciplined students! And a lot of black parents feel the same way about their kids and school choices- but cannot attain such privileges for their kids!)

Harvard economist George Borjas, in his 2013 research paper “Immigration and the American Worker,” wrote: “Classifying workers by education level and age and comparing differences across groups over time shows that a 10% increase in the size of an education/age group due to the entry of immigrants (both legal and illegal) reduces the wage of native-born men in that group by 3.7% and the wage of all native-born workers by 2.5%.”

As to illegal immigration, Borjas says: “Although the net benefits to natives from illegal immigrants are small, there is a sizable redistribution effect. Illegal immigration reduces the wage of native workers by an estimated (US)$99 to $118 billion a year, and generates a gain for businesses and other users of immigrants of $107 to $128 billion.”

(To translate that we can turn to StatisticsCanada- which tells us that illegals reduce the wage offered to a typical high school grad by 20 percent! And in Canada where high quality LEGAL immigrants with university qualifications are the norm- the wage offered to Cdn university grads has also been reduced by 20 percent!)

But what about how the president “insults black people”?

After Trump’s recent testy exchange with a black reporter, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said: “There is a racial dimension to this. The fact that the president is always — the idea that this was some random selection of journalists he doesn’t like is not the case. It’s always black people with this president.” Really?

What race was Robert De Niro when Trump called him “a very low IQ individual”? What race was Rosie O’Donnell when Trump called her “dumb”? What race was MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough when Trump called him “crazy”? What race was former Texas Gov. Rick Perry when, during a campaign speech, Trump mocked him for his eyewear? “He put on glasses so people think he’s smart. …” said Trump. “People can see through the glasses.” What race was MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski when Trump called her “dumb as a rock”? How many white politicians does Trump slam when he criticizes “stupid” trade deals?

If Trump set out to hurt blacks by pushing economic policies that helped reduce black unemployment to an all-time low; by attempting to stop unskilled illegal alien workers from competing with unskilled blacks for jobs and wages; and by empowering inner-city black parents, rather than the government, to pick the school for their children, then Trump needs to go back to racism school.

(One might think it would be hard for LIE-berals to argue against stuff like this- and since it is hard - LAZY, STUPID LIE-berals concentrate on trying to CENSOR such talk!)