Excellent Video On Trudeau's Redundant Ban Of Sporting Rifles

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Feb 13, 2019
Personally I am sick of officials striving to come up with pathetic, infuriating and even disgusting ways to make criminals out of Canadian citizens while even deliberately placing Canadian citizens lives in harms way over their sick and filthy globalist lies and deceptions of which, other than that, this well executed video by Styxhexenhammer666 summarizes some excellent points to do with this issue thus pretty much slaughters the issue from what I just saw.

I support reversing pretty much everything Trudeau does and even though I do not advocate violence, I advocate people being able to legally own firearms to defend themselves from especially criminals with illegal arms or such as sports rifles simply because as Styx brought up, how else would one take down a bear for example if one's life is on the line? I'm guessing the bear pretty much always wins without a rifle especially if ambushed.

How is it that Trudeau has absolute power to dictate?!! Agreed upon behind closed doors to let other MP's off of the hook from their constituents and even lobbyists who support gun ownership for when they pulled this shady rhetoric? So instead of a house vote even, officials are conspiring against citizens behind closed doors to get themselves off of the hook for any kind of genuine accountability and allow Trudeau full dictatorship on this issue so those infiltrating the country with their shady narrative can once again get their own way at the expense of Canadian citizens well being and safety while MP's cram themselves into the woodwork? It's a disgrace.

Video title: Trudeau Unilaterally Bans Sporting Rifles Cuz Scary


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