Forcing Lies And Deceptions Through Legislation Incites Corruption Not Civility

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Feb 13, 2019
Forcing Lies And Deceptions Through Legislation Incites Corruption Not Civility

This is me in the following video, and in lieu of the sick actions of our parliamentarians turning backs on citizens, turning backs on democracy while instead catering to the dictatorship of lobbyists and the globalist crime organization, I let loose and am on fire.

These sickos remove valid definition of words from dictionaries and replace valid definition with lies and deceptions and act as if this gives them even so much as a shred of validity as justification for forcing such sick and filthy lies upon the public. Oh they want to defecate on you while forcing lies through legislation to try and make a criminal out of you then act as if you not addressing these sickos politely is what the problem is. I'll not be dictated that my choice of words are not acceptable by any tyrannical liar, deceiver, traitor or tyrant especially those catering to the globalist crime organization. After being banned and discriminated off of hundreds of sites by a bunch of sickly radical liars over the past 15 years while our officials ignored this has lead me for example from being polite unless personally attacked with no swearing policy for all ages to going full out and saying what I deem necessary now that I'm banned everywhere so liars can freely defecate on the public with such sick and pathetic rubbish.

I refuse to respect lies forced into dictionaries or legislation, or the pathetic imbeciles who pull such shady tactics thus willingly helping the globalist crime organization divide and conquer Canada.

Forcing lies and deceptions through legislation incites corruption to escalate which is far from officials exemplifying civility themselves along with citizens being painted as criminals for being against such sick and pathetic tyranny and treason these so called officials along with the lies and deceptions they represent.

A citizen can curse and swear with every second word yet such conduct is still far more civil conduct than our elected and appointed etc. officials actions represent.

Enjoy the video. I'm infuriated with many of our Parliamentarian officials and justly so as any citizen justly is these days, so wait for it. The information you will find here in this video is well worth it. After a minute or two my tone changes as the information grows more intense so wait for it and yeah my pleasure.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada