Ford Vs OPP firing: What is important here is opposing forced oppression against the citizens of Ontario Canada

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Feb 13, 2019
Ford Vs OPP firing: What is important here is opposing forced oppression against the citizens of Canada

When it comes to Ford and this assistant deputy OPP officer, I just don't know, is Premier Doug Ford for opposing using police to enforce the globalist crime organizations oppression upon the citizens of Ontario Canada (beyond opposing the carbon tax scandal, I'd like to be subjected to more evidence because opposing carbon tax scandal could just be a vice / veil / smoke and mirrors awarded to him by the globalist crime organization itself for him playing ball to win votes, I mean he supports sanctuary cities?! I would really like to know and these things don't always come so easy to find out for one's self) and on the other hand, is this officer all for forcing oppression upon the citizens of Ontario Canada for the globalist crime organization or vice verse because knowing this is the determining factor on knowing which way to enforce support when it comes to what is going on with the direction of the provincial police force and that's aside from my concerns with federal and local police forces being infiltrated by globalist crime organization sock puppets used to divide us against one other while they crush our economy and force oppression until we are crippled when they way way way more than likely are already planning to move in to steal our resources while playing us against each other like a pile of dummies.

Keep in mind, many laws etc. were created in the past couple of decades to assist with the infiltration of our country, as well similar in other countries simultaneously in modern day and factually proven on many occasions over the years and my pleasure. Keep in mind our elected and appointed officials have been turning backs on Canadian citizens as well turning backs on democracy while instead choosing to cater to the dictatorship of lobbyists / the globalist crime organization. We have been facing treason and tyranny for decades, not just most recently with Trudeau! I am not fan of Trudeau's but he is just another one of the many traitors and tyrants infiltrating our governing system for years now while attempting to play us for a bunch of idiots. I'm sure they all try to hide their intentions so vigorously. I suspect Trudeau quite possibly lives with the torment of being a cheap sell out and phony as I suspect many of our elected and appointed officials do. It's as if they were fitted with explosive legs bracelets. Invasion of the body snatchers ...

Anyway, globalist crime organization or lobbyists for that matter infiltrating government on any level is not acceptable, it's our officials taking a pay cheque from Canadians to turn backs on Canadians, turn backs on democracy while instead taking bribes to ignore where their pay cheques come from to enforce the dictatorship of lobbyists / the globalist crime organization and I'll continue to fight to assure such is not tolerated in Canada and my pleasure because such actions are treason and tyranny. I'm not looking to lynch anyone but I want them all held accountable yet they are he one's making the laws to make life easier for themselves to betray the citizens of Canada under the guidance of lobbyists and the globalist crime organization. I'm so sick of he "everyone else is doing it so why not us attitude" because that is not making things any better, that is making it worse for us all while further sabotaging us as a country. A bunch of thieves using each other as excuse to get away with it aka our governing system.

I can also see leniency for those in our elected and appointed ranks for co-operating with ending this madness.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada