Great, Now Trump / Jews Clearly Support Muslims Lying By Calling People Racist

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Feb 13, 2019
For years the globalist crime organization, leftists, main stream "mudia" and muslims have been lying about citizens claiming them racist (for being against violent hate crimes against non muslims deemed acceptable in islam and escalating everywhere around the world in modern day where muslim populations begin to rise which is quite clearly not racist and nor is it a phobia) while using the lie that islam is a race.

Being religious of any religion doesn't describe racial variation of human/ nationality, it merely describes a person from any variation of the human race stooping to be religious.

There are different variations of human in the jewish religion, in the muslim religion and in christianity etc. which proves Beyond any shadow of doubt that religion is not a nationality or a variation of the human race. Further more in Israel where apparently there is the largest concentration of Jews, there are also those of other religions as well as the non religious in Israel fyi.

So there you have proof that Trump and the Jews involved support muslms lying by referring to anyone as racist while basing such upon the obvious lie that a religion is a human race. Now that they have doe this what do you think muslims around the world are going to attempt? Let alone those from all other religions, great more lies to confuse society while being divided and conquered by infiltration from within recently corrupted governing systems.

President Trump, smarten up and undo this immediately for the well being and safety of the current and future generations! I get that you might not have understood the severity and entirety of such actions but here I am rock you like a hurricane man, my pleasure and most necessary.

I am so sick of of peoples lies while people use others lying as an excuse to get away with it themselves thus an ever escalating and worsening insanity manifestation of lies which is very concerning as well disheartening. There is no justice when everyone is lying especially when it comes to the foundation of primary issues, just senseless arguing over deliberate ignorance towards what fact proves. Oh who cares if peoples lives are put under threat as long as the jew gets to sue eh President Trump?! I certainly hope you soon realize this huge mistake and retract it immediately!

And after thousands of years of war and divide leading to the death of millions if not billions of people to this very day over factually proven foundations of filthy religious lies, I am so sick of selfish, greedy ignorant religious low life's placing everyone's life under threat and all because these sickos value lies more that they value human life hence what it means to be religious. Religion is the scum of the Earth and everyone's enemy. To see a demonstration of that factual evidence come to my bitchute account and watch the video titled "There is no such thing as an islamaphobe" I am anti every religion and my pleasure to be here standing strong for the well being ad sanity of current and future generations of the life on this planet! I mean this has been going on for thousands of years, war and divide over filthy religious lies yet we have those who support the largest hate crime against humanity whining that their lies lead to hate crimes etc. when if they really cared, they obviously would have thrown their religion the trash long ago but because thy value lies more than they value human life, we still have religious garbage shaming the globe while making a complete mockery of human race potential (more just below the included news story).

Also I hear that the Canadian government speaking of cracking down on hate speech (every religion is hate speech and thousands of years are proof) thus justly puts islam right at the top of the list as hate speech to ban in Canada well before anything else. If islam isn't at the top of that list, and if LGBT lies aren't banned then it's a no brainer these liars are playing a sick joke to try and force lies upon society to try and make criminals out of citizens for not lying for radical sick groups of liars who lies lead to war and divide while they try telling you that it is you exposing their lies that is the problem. A liar lies while further lying claiming you exposing their lies is the problem and they obviously would attempt such to try ad keep getting away with such sick and inexcusable behavior quite obviously. The nerve of these transparent sickos.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
Oct 27, 2020
Here is an article describing the dangerous antics of Antifa thugs! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Antifa thugs attacking journalists is nothing new

By Lorrie Goldstein. Published: August 14, 2018. Updated: August 14, 2018 7:30 PM EDT. Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists

A protester attacks Toronto Sun photographer Stan Behal at a rally Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018 at Nathan Phillips Square.

The unprovoked assault on my Toronto Sun colleague, photographer Stan Behal, at an “anti-fascist” rally on Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday is nothing new for so-called “Antifa” thugs.

A day after the attack on Behal by a lone thug, the Washington Post reported on similar attacks on U.S. media at a Sunday, Washington, D.C. Antifa rally.

In both cities, Antifa, who ostensibly came to battle with neo-Nazis, white supremacists and white nationalists, turned on the media when their intended targets didn’t show up.

As the Post headlined its story, “Antifa protesters couldn’t find any fascists at Unite the Right — and harassed the press instead.”

(I suggest that Antifa views many reporters as right wing supporters! Older Cdns who have read of the political machinations of Nazis during their rise to power will recognize the Antifa tactics! Nazi Brown Shirt thugs had two jobs- first- to beat the crap out of any anti Hitler heckler that showed up at a Nazi rally! In light of this- the recent shameless behaviour of Our idiot Boy in calling a Quebec woman a “racist” simply for asking an honest question about funding for illegals And then having security drag her away, should be seen as an ominous sign! Cdn democracy is under threat with LIE-berals using dirty tactics to silence critics- after all several provincial govts along with Toronto mayor Tory have ALREADY asked the same question about funding as that woman!)

(LIE-berals want to control and limit our free speech using LIE-beral friendly media, private security to shut down hecklers and legal threats of arrest for LIE-beral defined hate crimes that will be judged by LIE-beral judges in Human Righrs Kangaroo Courts where the normal rules of evidence- including standard limits on search and seizure of private property DO NOT APPLY! The way LIE-berals are moving- it is to be expected they will soon start party meetings by shouting Sieg Heil at Our idiot Boy!)

(Secondly, Nazi Brown Shirts were employed to break up meetings and rallies of opposing political parties! Our LIE-berals are not yet nearly so bold- but they seem quite happy to allow Antifa to do Brown Shirt dirty work on their behalf! LIE-berals have demonstrated that they DO BELIEVE that media such as Toronto Sun are deliberately provoking Antifa- in the same way that despised Jews and Poles “provoked” tolerant peace loving Nazis and Sun writers and others are seen as provoking LIE-berals as well by taking their editorial stance! Always arrogant LIE-berals figure that if you tease the cat you cannot complain about getting scratched- fair play is a ONE WAY street for them! Just like Nazis)

(Lost in that vile LIE-beral policy is the ugly reality that Antifa are a collection of left wing aspiring dictators who will impose a Soviet style dictatorship on us- one spiced with hideous anti white values! Antifa goals are so vile they will erase our civil rights and destroy our economy- as Lenin and Stalin did to Russia- and then use OUR Money to tell us it is for our good in the best Soviet Pravda propaganda style! Anybody who thought Wynne-bag LIE-berals were insulting us with their press releases promoting our “booming economy” and “balanced budgets” will HATE Antifa style govt- and it will eventually become ILLEGAL to complain- just as anti Soviets went to jail under Stalin!)

(Nobody should be surprised that it is easier for “communication students” at Wilfred Laurier U. to view the Nazi propaganda film “Triumph of the Will”- extolling the life and times of Adolf Hitler- than it is to bring a copy of Toronto Sun to class- or even examine the words of Psychologist Jordan Peterson in class! Our education system has been taken over by anti democratic, anti capitalist and anti white radicals- and they DO NOT want the likes of Peterson and the Sun exposing their creeping political coup!)

In April, 2017, Antifa thugs attacked a Global TV crew covering a clash between left-wing and right-wing extremists in Quebec City, pushing one of them down a flight of stairs and smashing the television camera of another.

(Smashing cameras is a favourite tactic of thugs the world over- no camera means no ability to identify attackers by photos! And of course no camera means no ability to later identify vandals who set fire to cars or smash shop windows etc! All these tactics were pioneered by Nazi and Soviet goons who were NOT WILLING to work within a democratic framework! That Antifa has adopted these vile bullying and intimidating tactics is damning!)

Aside from Global, I was one of the few Canadian journalists who wrote about what had happened.

(Yes- Nazis and Soviets share that love of a tame and friendly news media and Antifa expects the same friendly consideration from reporters with twisted LIE-beral values! Our media has mostly given up trying to report the news and is now trying to MANUFACTURE NEWS based on what will please LIE-berals and radicals! News media is profit driven and it must tell stories that people like- and conventional news media has apparently identified LIE-berals, civil service union Hogs and assorted Antifa style radicals as big consumers of their media product!)

(Media need for sales and viewers without real regard for truth is now poisoning our democracy! And it does not help that the editorial slant at most media is so left wing that ONLY reporters in favour with LIE-berals and Antifa are acceptable at many media outlets- so No dissenting voices are allowed! In recent news the NDP govt of Alberta refused to recognize the credentials of reporters from Rebel Media -the online news outlet run by Ezra Levant! Levant is well known to many Cdns for his many years in Cdn news- and he is HATED by LIE-berals and their less intelligent NDP cousins- yet NDP sees nothing wrong with refusing to admit Rebel Media reporters to govt press conferences! Yhe messages issued from on high are only for the ears of the truly committed and blindly loyal!)

The reason for the lack of media coverage at the time was that it didn’t fit the then popular media narrative that it was only right-wing extremists who were violent, in the wake of the Charlottesville, Va., tragedy, where an innocent demonstrator was killed when she was run over by a car driven by a white supremacist supporter.
Oct 27, 2020
Part two - Antifa attacks reporters:::

(LIE-beral philosophy dictates that left wing violence maybe excused because Antifa has “suffered socially” in some un-defined fashion! LIE-beral values are so twisted they think it is okay for Antifa to be angry while the rest of us should shut up and sit down and quit complaining about how LIE-berals and Antifa are re-arranging the world to suit THEM! But then western media has a LONG HISTORY of excusing socialist crimes!)

Canadian media were so enamoured by the so-called anti-fascists in the wake of that incident, that some disgracefully compared them to Allied soldiers fighting the Nazis during the Second World War.

To be clear, these are not the majority of peaceful demonstrators who come to these protests sincerely opposed to fascism and racism.

What we’re talking about is a smaller group of violent, uneducated losers, cowards who often attack in packs and who are typically incoherent when it comes to explaining what it is they want.

(Oh- that is not entirely true- what IS CLEAR that Antifa wants their own way- at ANY PRICE!)

To give you a general idea about what these protesters are like, a study released last year by Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of 873 protesters arrested during political demonstrations from 2003 to 2013, found 85% identified with left-wing causes, 92% lived at home with their parents and a third were unemployed.

(Lost in those numbers is the ugly reality that LIE-beral pllicy si so bad that it is beggaring a generation of kids! When the economic troubles of the PIGS -Portugal/ Ireland/ Greece and Spain became news- LIE-beral friendly media such as Toronto Red Star produced articles deploring the plight of unemployed kids who had such university education credentials as Chemical Engineer and other such skilled and- one would think- practical professions- yet there the kids were- a decade after graduation- still wondering if they could EVER find a job! Andn ow that Cdn kids are being loaded into the same economically sinking boat- Star reporters are defending LIE-beral policies and bigotry that are ruining us- with NOTHING said about the PIGS kids! Hypocrisy is the order of the day!)

What was particularly disturbing about the unprovoked attack on Behal in Toronto is that it occurred right in front of police officers, who refused Behal’s request that the individual who had assaulted him be arrested, although police are now investigating after the fact.

(Cops do what govt tells them to- and they are under order not to “provoke” the radicals! As previously stated apparently LIE-berals feel it is the fault of Sun reporters if they get attacked! Talk about blaming the messenger!)

This has become common at these sorts of demonstrations, with police apparently instructed not to arrest anyone unless a major crime is committed in the interests of keeping the peace, a ridiculous policy in this case because the only people protesting were antifa, the right-wing extremists they were ostensibly targeting having never shown up.

In the weeks leading up to the assault on Behal, who thankfully was not seriously hurt, articles in some of Toronto’s left-wing “alternative” media falsely accused several of my Sun colleagues of racism for objecting to federal policies on issues like terrorism and refugees.

They did exactly what they accuse Donald Trump of doing in the U.S., smearing journalists and endangering their safety through incendiary rhetoric.

I don’t know if this was a factor in the attack on Behal, who is a photographer, not a columnist. I do know these so-called “journalists” who have been playing this dangerous game, are a disgrace to journalism.

(I would go further and suggest that some Cdn journalists are enemies of free speech and democracy! And given the support given to civil service union Hogs- I say that some media are also enemies of capitalism as well!)