Harper Said He Wouldn't Revisit Marriage, Is Scheer A Coward Without A Spine?

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Feb 13, 2019
Thousands of years since marriage was created proves marriage is exclusively about honouring the significance of the one sexual unity to which we all owe our very existence and that sexual unity are quite obviously heterosexual unions. Marriage being made a sick mockery of in Canada by a few pathetic liars, who do not want to accept themselves for what they are and seem to think everyone else should have to accept them for what they are not, was done by political party trade off after MP's constantly being abused by threats of being slandered with more sick and pathetic LGBT lies over the main stream media since well over a decade ago as a tool used to ignore the fact that thousands of years of exclusively heterosexual unions being honoured with marriage proves that marriage is exclusively about honoring the significance of heterosexual unions of which is quite obviously that we all even exist is exclusively thanks to heterosexual unions hence the significance of what marriage is about. It was Harper to stated he would never revisit the marriage issue again. Scheer is a coward and a lie supporter for ever supporting LGBT making a sick and filthy mockery of marriage at any point as is any other official. It would be nice to see Scheer and others grow a spine and grow up. It's creepy like invasion of the body snatchers and liberals replaced officials with cowardly retarded and intellectually lazy imbeciles and all it pretty much took to do it was threats of slander compulsively and obsessively. It's a disgrace to Canada and what they have been doing to innocent children in school is not only a disgrace and infuriating it's insane because the foundation of very LGBT issue I address are all based upon factually proven foundations of sick and filthy lies and deceptions being forced upon the public and shockingly including innocent little children and all because some sickly selfish interest group of sexually defective blubbering whiners do not even wan to accept themselves for what they themselves are in the first place.

If it were up to homosexual unions to sustain the human race, we would have died off thousands of years ago for weakly being a race of sexually defective imbeciles. Where is the honour in that?!!

One union doesn't even come close to equaling the other and instead of acknowledging recognition of such an obvious fact, the LGBT imbeciles and intellectual cowards always instead slander you to try and get away with trying to evade acknowledging recognition of this simple fact because this never was or is an equality issue, them ever referring to this as an equality issue is obviously another lie because these sickos do not even want to accept themselves for what they are so here these sickos are trying to force lies up everyone else to try and make everyone else accept these sickos for what they are not while also exemplifying that this mentally redundant LGBT selfish interest group has no respect for the significance of marriage or heterosexual unions / has no respect that we even exist thanks to heterosexual unions and has no respect that marriage is about honouring exclusively that as thousands of years already proves beyond any shadow of doubt. It's my pleasure to fight this sick LGBT behavior and have legislation based upon factually proven foundations of LGBT lies and deceptions removed from school boards, from legislation, from policies etc. for the well being and sanity of current and future generations quite obviously.

Time for all of you to stop cowering from a bunch of mentally redundant compulsive obsessive lying deceiving sickos known as the LGBT. Don't ever lie for these radical sickos ever and start standing up for your childrens well being and sanity! Wake up! Stop cowering from threats of being slandered thus put a stop to these sickos getting away with such sick behavior once and for all!!! Enough!!!

So sick of people ignoring fact, making up lies, calling those lies their belief while even claiming that the religious have been doing it for thousands of years as excuse for them to do it too. Sick, just plain sick. Instead of getting rid of the lies, we have selfish interest groups using each other as excuse to get away with lying and we have officials cheering on such sick behavior while the globalist crime organization also works towards killing our economy as these selfish interest groups divide with lies and deceptions to cripple us while trying to blind us from what is transpiring in more ways than one. Sick, just plain sick. It's time to criminalize propagating factually proven foundations of lies all together thus shut down all of the garbage that has been dividing us over sick and pathetic lies as such lies have been doing to the human race for even thousands of years people. Wake up, grow a spine and finally grow up into real adulthood.

Come on Scheer, grow a pair. Or perhaps your boys are yet to drop, a late bloomer perhaps? Time for you to consider using them attacking you for standing up for marriage log ago as fury against them and make a stand for Canada by making a stand for marriage being restored to a respectable state in Canada!!!


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada