"Heavy chains" will fall or how America was withdrawing from the INF Treaty.

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Jul 10, 2019
The United States are trying to get rid of the treaty base burden for many years. The withdrawal from the INF Treaty not only reinforced the sense of exclusivity of the States, but also allowed Washington to act according to the plan. According to the statement of the candidate for the post of Pentagon’s chief executive Mark Esper, "the United States will continue to comply with all its obligations under the treaty until August 2, and from that moment we will pursue our interests". By their "own interests" is meant the development of missile defense elements to intercept missiles falling under the INF Treaty, as well as the development of their own missiles aimed at China and Russia in the event of war.

Such statements became possible after the withdrawal of the US from the INF Treaty. The reason for the collapse of the Treaty was the fabricated accusations by the American side, directed against Moscow for violation of the agreements. The agreement was concluded in 1987 and forbade Washington and Moscow to develop and have ballistic and cruise missiles with a range from 500 to 5,500 km. Later, the States accused Moscow of violating the treaty because of the presence of the 9M729 missile, whose flight range allegedly exceeded the permissible norms. Ignoring provided evidences, the American side declared Russia’s non-compliance with the INF Treaty and its withdrawal from the treaty.

The accusations of the Russian side in violation of the agreements are a convenient excuse for withdrawal from the INF Treaty. Apparently, therefore, they are still ongoing. Thus, the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Russia "violated the treaties," and the United States "wrote letters and asked for a stop". But this, according to him, had no effect.

Meanwhile, the USA themselves have repeatedly violated the INF Treaty. We are talking primarily about the deployment of missile defense systems in Europe, although the Americans themselves strongly deny this fact. The first US missile defense system in Eastern Europe was built in Romania, at the former Deveselu military air base. The United States is currently working on installing a missile defense system in Poland. The missile defense base is located in the village of Redzikovo, which is located 150 kilometers from Gdansk city. Airborne tracking systems using radar and rocket weapons are being installed on the territory. It is expected that the system will be commissioned by the end of 2020. The mine installations of the complex allow loading not only anti-missiles, but also attack cruise missiles like Tomahawk. The problem is that the launch of these missiles is impossible to detect until they approach the airspace of the Russian Federation.
The Russian side has repeatedly noted that the deployment of the US and NATO bases in Europe threatens the security and stability of the region. Now that the States have announced their withdrawal from the INF Treaty, the worst-case scenarios can materialize. Due to the current situation, Moscow is ready to respond to any threats that have arisen. Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles possess a developed set of means for overcoming the US missile defense system. According to Russian military experts, Washington will not be able to neutralize Russian strategic nuclear forces, even when two new positional areas are deployed in Europe and new bases in the Arctic and Japan.