HighImpactFlix's Brian Young Gives Me A Shout Out Over Naomi Seibt Awareness

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Feb 13, 2019
In raising awareness myself contacting many behind the scenes, I recently shared a rebel media video of a young German lady named Naomi Seibt in interview with rebel media on location in Madrid Spain outside the United Nations Climate Change conference of which I shared it with HighImpactFlix among many others. Funny thing, I watched a HighmpactFlix video on the subject the previous day only to find an email the next day recently telling me he gave me a shout out and thanks for raising his awareness to Naomi. He made more than one video on Naomi and the one I previously watched was the newer one without the shout out, so I watched this one and was glad to see HighImpactFlix do allot of shredding an agenda. My response to Brian's HighImpactFlix video which is included Below is as follows and you will see why I am responding with such upon watching the video of which I would recommend watching this video because he did articulate some excellent material out of this especially to do with climate change rubbish thrust on children etc:

Truth is the garbage that crumbles when pit vs fact every single time Brian. Proof that lies are fabricated as truth is religion. It stands to reason that the religious created the word truth because they couldn't pass off their lies as fact. The religious steal everything in attempt to attribute what they steal to their factually proven foundation of lies to assist the selfish and the greedy in taking advantage of those from a time of weakness for power and control over the many. Take the religious stealing morals for example, a thousand years before someone chipped what they call the ten commandments out of stone, would you want your possessions stolen, your spouse cheating or your family murdered etc.??? They stole the cross from the dead (two sticks in the ground marking a grave) calling it a crucifix while glorifying the birth of a religion over the slaughter and forced oppression of the Roman Empire with what is called christianity while also creating a variant of catholic through forced oppression thus wiped out a previous religion with what is obviously called Roman catholic. For thousands of years religious lies have been leading to war and divide and it's still shamefully happening to this day.

Facts are what falsify or verify belief and theory as well reveal lies fabricated as truths. Watch my video here on bitchute for the factual evidence proving that the foundation of every religion is based upon lies. Look for the video title "There is no such thing as an islamaphobe yet officials lie to you like garbage" of which it also touches base on this subject thoroughly.

As a Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist I back my claims on the foundation of primary issues I address with primary fact revealing lies fabricated as truths and beliefs. I do this because lies, especially when it comes to the foundation of primary issues, lead to war and divide and it's time to remove foundations of lies for the well being and sanity of current and future generations.

Do I believe in anything? I factually exist, my abilities factually exist but since the extent of my abilities are yet to be proven I believe in my abilities to accomplish my goals. The extent of my goals being accomplished will be proven by the time I spent accomplishing my goals before my body expires ...

What the primary over all problem in society is people ignoring fact on especially the foundations of primary issues, making up lies, calling those lies their belief such as any obvious liar calling someone born with a penis female while acting like lying is any sort of justification while trying to dictate anyone should have to respect such a sick and offensive lie because an obviously exposed liar pathetically claims a factually exposed lie as their so called belief. It's a lie no matter what liars call it. Of course liars are trying to pass of their sickly lies as acceptable while behaving like facts are to be shamed so sickly liars can continue to escalate their sick and filthy lies upon everyone else just like with this so called climate change rhetoric. It's time to put a stop to this insanity, it's time to remove decades of lies and deception from legislation etc. and criminalize propagating factually proven foundations of lies for the well being and sanity of current and future generations of the life on this planet.

Aside from that Brian I am ok with you not mentioning my last name and I got a kick out of what you had to say about Rebel media and took notice that you articulated some intellectually strategic points on behalf of opposition to this modern "climate change" scandal. I am glad you are seeing things on a fairly grander scale of things like seeing through governing officials etc. which puzzles me as to why you would way over glorify truth when fact is what verifies or falsifies belief and theory as well exposes lies fabricated as truth. You are getting there but never forget how far one progresses intellectually I find is muchly determined by choosing to deliberately ignore fact especially to do with the foundation of a primary issue or choosing to acknowledge recognition of fact. Unfortunately many still live with their heads stuffed up their own back sides. Thanks for the shout out and getting the word out there to do with Naomi Seibt.

Here is the HighImpactFlix video and the shout out is near the beginning with another mention near the end. It is up to everyone to get the word out there.



Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
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