Homosexuals labeled trans gender discriminates heterosexuals right to be heterosexual

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Feb 13, 2019
Being heterosexual doesn't include for example a heterosexual born with a penis having sex with a homosexual born with a penis calling himself trans gender thus pretending to be female while setting out to deceive others quite obviously which leads to these types of homosexuals humiliating, degrading, and traumatizing heterosexual males while robbing heterosexual males of the right, freedom and liberty to be heterosexual with these infuriatingly disgusting homosexual actions while using cheap and pathetic LGBT lies and deceptions to get away with it, lies they make up to assist these kinds of homosexuals in the deception of robbing heterosexuals of the right, freedom and liberty to be heterosexual with such deception thus reveals who the real bigots and discriminators are. The LGBT calls those in the public working towards putting a stop to these kinds of homosexuals robbing heterosexuals of the right, freedom and liberty to be heterosexual is discriminating their rights! Which leads right back to the question, when homosexuality was legalized, why wasn't discrimination against heterosexuality criminalized?! Because now we not only have homosexuals who have sex with homosexuals being legal, we have lies and deceptions forced through legislation dictating homosexuals also have the right to defecate on heterosexuals right to be heterosexual with LGBT factually exposed foundations of lies and deceptions while also forcing lies through legislation attempting to criminalize heterosexuals right to speak against such infuriating and inexcusable behavior.

A homosexual is someone that has sex with those born with the same sex genital that the homosexual them self is born with and getting one's genital surgically mutilated doesn't change the fact that having sex with those born with the same sex genital that the individual them self is born with is what homosexuality is. No LGBT lie or deception ever has or will ever change this fact because it is primary fact.

Not one heterosexual on the planet would knowingly have sex with someone born with the same sex genital that the heterosexual them self is born with and what proves this fact is that we are not homosexuals, we are not bi sexuals, we are heterosexuals which leads us to the fact that what makes heterosexuals, heterosexual is that heterosexuals exclusively have sex with those born with the opposite sex genital that the heterosexual them self is born with.

Force of deception is not among consenting adults! This is everyone's business and how long these deceptions have been taking place is certainly no excuse to allow the LGBT to continue to get away with such out right discriminatory and inexcusable behavior. The discriminators here are quite obviously the the kind of homosexuals who pretend be the opposite sex so that they can go around defecating on heterosexuals right to be heterosexual with a slew of factually proven foundations of LGBT lies and deceptions! Sex and gender mean the same thing, they just claimed the word gender was suddenly about LGBT lies and deceptions dictation (claiming the word suddenly is redefined as the lies that the LGBT dictates) in recent years. Check your dictionaries published from 20 years or so ago should do to verify this for yourselves.

For your understanding as well a hermaphrodite is neither male or female. If they decide to get one of their genitals removed, they are still left with a genital that has been there naturally there since birth and will always be hermaphrodite no matter what they do because the fact remains that the hermaphrodite was born with two genitals which is exactly what makes a hermaphrodite a hermaphrodite just like being born with a penis is the only thing that makes a male a male and being born with a vagina is the only thing that makes a female a female no matter what you do and none of your truths, beliefs, opinions or LGBT lies forced through legislation will ever change primary fact!!!

As a heterosexual male, the sickest and most infuriating thing is the thought that the government is also trying to silence speaking out against such sick behavior that the LGBT represents. They are attempting to make violent criminals out of Canadians for calling your own child born with a penis a boy or calling your own child born with a vagina a girl and rational people do this because that is factually what those children are are no matter how many lies and deceptions that the LGBT and their sick little army of liars and deceivers attempt to force through legislation and on the public. The choice that the government is attempting to force upon citizens is either lie for the LGBT or get charged for family violence for not lying for the LGBT when it comes to your own child. Words are not violence no matter how many lies and deceptions the LGBT attempt like redefining the word violence or a create a phrase that proves to be a lie like family violence to describe a persons actions for not lying for the LGBT. This is well beyond infuriating! Have the courts no credibility what so ever these days?! Personally I think having the JP up on threatening to slandering the parents with lies would be appropriate! Words are not violence of any form no matter what lies attempt to LGBT force through legislation or dictionaries etc. This is insane and those parents are likely going insane right now! That's the LGBT, do not want to accept themselves of what they are while going around robbing everyone else of what we are and trying to make criminals out of Canadians for not going along wtih their inexcusable lies and deceptions. It is my pleasure to fight for the destruction of the LGBT permanently and globally and the removal of their lies and deceptions from legislation, policy and school boards for the well being and sanity of current and future generations.

We are heterosexuals yet here in Canada (like the globalist crime organization has been doing to several countries around the world in modern day) government is awfully eager to make heterosexuals into homosexual guinea pigs. Meanwhile they get botox injections, ribs re vamped, bones shaved, implants, plastic surgery, hormone injections etc. and use it to defecate on everyone else with such sick and filthy lies and deceptions used to rob everyone else of what we are.

Oh we were born heterosexual but because some homosexual doesn't want accept them self for what they are, heterosexuals are just suppose to be their guinea pigs is what a very sick mentality has been imposing upon many countries around the world in recent years and my concern is that of dread when it comes to the impact such rubbish has had on the mentalities of the millennials.

I've been sharing facts backing claims on the foundations of primary issues for years, and I feel compelled to share that the LGBT have been getting away with forcing lies on the public for decades now as people have been getting banned from online forums for over a decade for easily exposing such lies while such lies were forced through the main stream media as the media was made into a tool to use to threaten officials to be slandered over the main steam as haters etc. for standing against factually exposed foundations of LGBT lies to get our officials to cower from LGBT slandering them with lies as lies were then forced through legislation. They did the dictionary deception thing with the word gender, then a bunch of officials without phd's forced a bunch of lies through legislation dictating to physicians and scientists that they have to lie for the LGBT and then they turned around and soon after tried to pass off such rubbish as scientific evidence of which their so called rhetoric doesn't contest what fact proves with even so much as a shred of validity when it comes to the very foundation of their every issue that I address. They deliberately evade the foundation of the issue to try and hide that they have no validity thus is why they try and make their slander of you or anything else the issue such as cheaply attempting to redefine the word gender or what violence is because they have no validity, just more lies and deceptions.

(continued ...)

Feb 13, 2019
Now it is time to undo this damage done in recent decades by first criminalizing discrimination against heterosexuality and criminalize transgender and tranny for the well being and sanity of current and future generations putting and end to homosexuals discriminating heterosexuals right to be heterosexual with such infuriating and inexcusable deceptions. As for these types of homosexuals, they are simply going to have to start accepting themselves for what they themselves are (what sex / gender they are born) while also respecting others who accept themselves for what sex / gender we all are born and will always be.

I have heard that the LGBT has the odd male born with a penis who wants to pretend to be the opposite sex and have sex with those born with a vagina and they use this to try and confuse the issue. Why that has not anything to do with contesting with so much as a shred of validity the facts that back my claims on the foundation of this issue is because such individuals do not detract from the fact that homosexual males for example are getting their genitals surgically mutilated etc. which leads to heterosexuals males being humiliated, degraded and traumatized while being robbed of the right, freedom and liberty to be heterosexual in the sickest way filthily imaginable. This is a disgrace to Canada and the world and a sick mockery made of modern society. It is my pleasure to play a key role in assuring that this gets turned around by simply sharing facts that expose lies on the foundation of every LGBT issue I address.



Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
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Hamilton Ontario Canada