How convenient, they wait until now to build the border wall?

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Feb 13, 2019
Now they want to put up the wall in the south and push illegals over the Canadian border from New York by the looks of it and perhaps the plan all along to try and evade looking so obvious? Unless they prevent illegals from crossing into Canada on the Northern border it looks like they quite possibly planned to collectively delay the wall between both parties to be played out while they bait illegals to New York for free health care to face city economic collapse soon after thus will flee the city and likely want to help sink Canada's economy like New York's economy because it is no secret that Canada is next to New York as well Canada's health care is being given free to illegals already. Looks to me like this could be the plan as to why suddenly the wall appears to be finally getting built just as New York gets ready to collapse as th country has been flooded with illegals from the USA Mexico border. What timing, how convenient and how could one possibly be blamed for being highly suspicious these days especially when specific things add up. I suspect soon they will be cracking down on illegals in the USA to scare illegals into force them over the Canadian border. Well, time will tell and I warned the elected and appointed officials of Canada the day New York announced free health care to illegals weeks ago in lieu of this border crisis being set up here at the Canadian USA border so we will see what happens.

Doesn't look like Canadian citizens can count on the bumbling officials we have in office to protect our border ... which could be a part of such a plan as well!


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David Jeffrey Spetch
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Hamilton Ontario Canada