I am a moderate fascist. Am I welcome to your forum?

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May 22, 2020
I don't like to defend fascism, because I love peace and I hate to see people suffering, but I see the right kind of fascism with the right kind of absolute monarchy theocracy to be the solution to our problems. I also feel like I owe it to Rachel mostly need to preach what she taught me in her book. Is it appropriate for a fascist to be at your forum? I explain why I defend fascism in this YouTube despite it messing with my conscience to do so the type of government I would like to see is a prophetic Messiah type of figure miraculously Rises to power like Benito Mussolini without killing people and with nobody voting for him in a first world democracy, a man who is an absolute monarch with an absolute theocracy and one-party state where the media supports the regime and there is unity. That is technically fascism, but I'm not racist , I despise groups like the KKK. It's just the Utopia that I seek was best found in fascist Italy prior to 1939. The Vatican City state is a fascist state and was founded by Mussolini. I guess that's one of his Great accomplishments. I do not like Adolf Hitler, and I do not consider Nazism to be fascism.
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