I just walked by this dude from Vikings minutes ago here in Hamilton Ontario Canada

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Feb 13, 2019

I won't say where in case he stays in the area but he looks like he does on the show and walks pretty wiley. I don't break ice with celebs by even saying hello.

A few years ago I was drinking in a bar with Eric Roberts in Toronto and I was chucked out of the bar for smoking a joint outside with him while his wife was inside playing pool just after she told me not to get him into trouble lol. I let out this huge puff of smoke as someone was walking into the bar and by the time I noticed, it was too late and so I laughed because that smoke cloud was huge and literally flooded the bar in a heart beat lmao. I'll talk ect. if approached.

I have seen many celebs in this area over the years.


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David Jeffrey Spetch
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Hamilton Ontario Canada