I know how to bring peace to the Middle East

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Feb 1, 2019
The only thing that is missing in the Middle East is trust between the parties.
Once the moderate majority on both sides of the divide will unite, the extremists will realize that they have no chance of coming to power.
The first step that is required is building trust and it requires nothing from the rest of the world.
The United States, the European Union, the Arab League and the United Nations should remove their hand from the Middle East and let the sides understand that peace depends only on them.
Israelis and Palestinians need to understand that no world power, no matter how strong it is, can impose peace, and it is only a matter of will and trust between the conflicting parties.
Therefore, all world powers must stop interfering in the conflict and bring to the point that Israelis and Palestinians recognize that they only have to take control together with the situation and push extremism out of the field.


Jul 5, 2018
Thanks for you input. They way the old prophets declare is that all the mulsim nations now described with their old country names will attack Israel and will be totally destroyed by the God of Abraham. They are always correct in that for instance two of the called for the restoration of Israel on May,15 1948 exactly 1790 years before. This really comes down to the devil and Jesus. The devil has a short time before he is cast in the lake of fire and Jesus will come back as the Messiah of Israel as also spelled out in Genesis and Hosea in the original - Jesus the Messiah. So the muslim is the green horse in the book of Revelation and death and hell follows it - very true - cutting off the heads of others etc. and HELL is promised for them. They were identified long before with their "green colors" as they adhere to and the green horse is exactly that.