I Weigh In On National Chief Perry Bellegarde Weighing In On Wet’suwet Blockades

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Feb 13, 2019
Having watched this video one must wonder how is blocking traffic respectful or peaceful?!! Going to elected chiefs was obviously proven to be a waste of Canada's time when a single hereditary chief can so easily over ride the lot of them. Police allowing illegal blockades should not be looked upon as lack of enforcement apparently. If / when Canadians are to stoop to be so petty as to blockade Wet’suwet from coming and going to their reserve to put food on their families table let's reflect on their statements of proper exorcise of police discretion if some Canadians decide to block their transit routes as they are currently doing to Canadian citizens.

12 000 missing First nations girls and what are the First Nations doing about it, oh right expecting tax payers to have to flip the bill for the investigations etc. is the entire extent of their so called resolve I ever hear of while those on reserves do not even pay taxes for governing services to support such initiative. He mentions 40 000 First Nations children in foster care, oh really and who was funding this foster care? If such foster care wasn't available would any of these children even be alive I wonder? Oh right the problem here is they do not pay taxes for governing services on reserves yet expect that tax payers are suppose to just pay for everything on their reserves of which the First Nations wanted reserves in the first place because they wanted not anything to do with government hence why there is First Nations land claims. There is no discrimination against First Nations here because unlike tax payers, they are not paying taxes for governing services so what makes them think they deserve to be treated like tax payers without paying taxes because that is the discrimination going on here and it is discrimination by the First Nations against tax payers. So Canadian government gave them 2 billion in Sept. 2019 for them not paying taxes while expecting to have even foster care funded by tax payers on reserves where they do not even pay taxes for governing services. How is this not already stabbing Canadian tax payers in the back on multiple levels yet here they are still going on about it like tax payers owe them anything and forever, pay them billions for something they do not even pay towards only to have them keep bringing it up anyway so why even bother paying a cent in the First place?!! Oh right Canadians citizens have compassion which has been turned into excessively abusing Canadian citizens for having compassion and this needs to be put to an end.

First Nations homelessness and poverty occurs on First Nations reserves where the First Nations are suppose to be chiefing themselves so why are Canadian tax payers being targeted as the problem?!!

Caps on education and health care comes directly from First Nations negligence to pay taxes for governing services on reserves yet expecting that to go ignored, while also expecting tax payers to be eager First Nations slaves and flip all of their bills for them or what is their active alternative, they blockade our roads and rails while helping kill our economies etc.

Oh and according to their s called logic, it's ok for their actions to pit people against other people yet they have a problem with words from opposition of which apparently they ignore what their actions are causing while instead claiming oppositions words are what is pitting people against other people long after the fact that their actions have already caused pitting people against one another.

So here they are working towards crushing our economy, so if our economy is weak and crushed what do they think they are going to get out of Canadians?

Do what I say or I block your transit out of kindness and respect to work towards reconciliation. Reconciliation from what I see from the First Nations looks like tax payers being made out to be First Nations slaves at their beck and call. What's next, erect tax payer funded massage parlors on reserves or they'l threaten to shut down Canada. Then what tax payer booths to kiss First Nation back sides or they kill the economy etc.

Colonialism never Happened in Canada Regarding First Nations when settlers came. There has to be a country to take over for colonialism to occur. Replacing valid definition of words with lies and deceptions is not validity. Another example, (which I didn't notice the National Chief mention in the included video fyi) if genocide of First Nations people occurred then explain why First Nations people still exist?!! Obviously settlers who came and their descendants were not in favor of genocide but the First Nations along with the globalist crime organization obviously love to make up lies to try and shame Canadian citizens into slavery. Anyone spewing such lies quite obviously have no clue what colonialism or genocide is.

(continued ...)
Feb 13, 2019
What does First Nations law have to do with Canadian citizens unless Canadian citizens are on First Nations reserves thus would then be expected to abide by their laws?!! Tax payer land = Canadian law.

Oh sure they expect their land claims, valid or not, to be respected while at the same time they expect tax payers to keep funding them while they assist the globalist crime organization with starving off our livelihoods while helping crush our economy.

There is political activism, of which there are many levels of political activism of which I wouldn't categorize what they are doing as anything close to the political activism I have take on over the past almost 20 years now yet here it appears they are trying to lump all political activism together which raises a red flag towards what's really going on here?!

What I see here is a trap. A) To prevent Canadians from standing up for Canadians because there might come a time when Canadians might feel compelled to block traffic in and out of Ottawa for example to counter tyranny or treason yet all those whining about blockades now will be hypocrites if they attend such. Secondly think about what they are trying to push when it comes to what they call rule of law, keep in mind the sickly offensive garbage known as the 2017 amendment to bill C-16 which is based upon lies and I'll never respect such garbage. which also raises another red flag that tyrants and traitors in parliament are going on about respecting rule of law. They turn their backs on Canadians and democracy while catering instead to the dictatorship of lobbyists and the globalist crime organization thus are obviously on board with such radical and sick narratives for now still sadly enough.

My grandfather was born in Depot Harbour on August 25, 1925 which is on Wasauksing which is a First Nations reserve we Canadians more commonly know as Parry Island in the Parry Sound Muskoka area. He built a cottage on Wasauksing across from Rose Island and if I recall was lot 89 or 87 called the "Rosie Kay Inn" after my grandmother and great aunt of which both families built it and shared it for decades. I bet the twisted tree on Rose island directly across the channel is still there along with the sunken ship around the bend in the cove on the way to Killbear park or Parry Sound is still there. It's the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. We were a family that always got along with the First Nations. Even as a young boy walking to the marina and back (Oak Point Marina if I recall) First Nations people driving by always offered me a ride and I was always delivered safely. I have always loved and cared about the First Nations people.

We have an entity in recent years I call the globalist crime organization of which the UN and EU apparently now have guns to the back of their heads to help the globalist crime organization to divide and conquer several western civilizations in modern day. Of course they also bait aboriginals to act all righteous and like they are owed everything to help divide and conquer those countries. To the first Nations assisting the globalist crime organization, you assist back stabbers who will tell you any lie and deception to get what they want (Canada's resources for themselves and ruler ship over all of Canada) so for those of you who do assist them, if they are successful think about how much you deserve it when they stab you in the back after they get what they want because then you just become another stepping stone easily walked over without the protection of a united Canada.

Fine mess we are in. I know how to resolve it all on even a global level, prove to me you are worth it. I know how to rid tyrannical governments and removing tyrants and traitors without inciting violence towards federal officials in many countries and take back countries and eliminate debt but you are all too selfish, greedy and ignorant for that to work. Prove to me you are worth it or I'll likely not waste such good information unless I feel it necessary as a last resort. You want to prove to me you are worth it and the time has come, research my work and you will be subjected to what needs to be done to first gain my trust so that I am confident it is worth me sharing such vital information I'll not share otherwise in vane.

Sharing such information now will only lead to preventative measures against it happening by those who seek to divide and conquer so you'll not get that information until I am convinced I can trust you, or if it is a very last resort and I feel the desire as my time runs short.

What's is sad for me is that I gave up on my own selfishness years ago to pursue the good fight for the well being and sanity of current and future generations of the life on this planet so I have no nest egg. If someone offered me millions I'd say no thanks because the way lies and deceptions have been forced through legislation I'm sure thousands would line up to take all my money so I literally have no incentive to make a cent for I'll not be anyone's slave but I will fight to free everyone from slavery. With no money I was thinking as I get old, I could request the first Nations to have me live on one of their reserves with them as a survivalist guest here in Ontario and perhaps teach me some pointers on how to live off of the land. I don't have allot of options and so I hope you can see I am fair and reasonable beyond all of the radical politics forced upon us all while being used to poison us against one another and some day might consider me for such upon request.

Yeah I know National Chief Perry Bellegarde, you are in a complicated position to try and mediate within First Nations disputes and present the result of such to Canadians in your choice of words to perhaps appease some of those involved with such disputes. How many first Nations, like Canadian officials, have what appears to be a globalist crime organization gun to the back of their heads to make their decisions for them I wonder and for you to ponder if you so desire and I hope you do as I suspect any wise man would. These globalists I see have been using our officials to play tax payers against First Nations and vice verse for decades and so who's to question their eagerness to infiltrate First Nations in much the same way?! I say enough, what say you?!

Final thought, when settlers arrived, by First Nations own submission around 2010, there were eighteen million First / Six Nations people scattered across North America which is enough people to moderately populate an island the size of Cuba.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada
Oct 27, 2020
Canada was BANKRUPT BEFORE Wuhan Virus arrived to finish us off! LIE-berals must distract us from reality! Thus Fake News MUST BE the LIE-beral order of the day!

Here is a nice article illustrating why the "sunny ways" of Our imbecile leader Trudope are growing so cloudy! With some comments of my own set in brackets):

Wages Are Falling In Canada's Low-End Jobs.
1/23 Huffington Post Canada. Daniel Tencer

Here’s a clear sign income inequality is on the rise in Canada. Wages in the country’s lowest-paid sectors are falling, while rising (albeit slowly) for others, according to new data from Statistics Canada.

Average weekly earnings for retail workers fell 2.1 per cent in December, from a year earlier, to $566.17. Retail is the largest sector by employment in Canada, accounting for 1.96 million jobs.

Earnings also fell in accommodation and food services (the fourth-largest sector), down 1.9 per cent in a year, to $373.12. These are among the lowest-earning sectors of the economy.

Overall, wages are up 1.2 per cent in Canada over the past year. Adjusted for inflation, which ran at 1.5 per cent in the same period, wages are down 0.3 per cent.

(And those numbers dont tell the full truth! Deduct the nice little wage packages handed to civil sevice Working Family Hogs and you get a much meaner wage number! And those Hog wage benefits are being paid for with BORROWED MONEY that we will have to pay back with interest-compounded AND amortized in the future! No wonder LIE-beral popularity is falling!)

Notably, both retail and accommodation/food have added jobs over the past year, about 45,000 of them combined. This suggests that employers are offering lower wages for new workers, or increasingly shifting to shorter hours.

(In other words, employers want workers who are desperate and wont complain about lousy hours and short shifts! This is a nasty blueprint for creating a social underclass of people who simply cannot get along without govt social welfare and LIE-beral bribery!)

StatsCan data from earlier this year showed that Canada is shifting to part-time work. Over the past year, the country has seen the number of part-time jobs grow 5.6 per cent, while full-time jobs rose a soft 0.6 per cent.

(And the great majority of full time jobs are with GOVT! Meaning they are being paid for with borrowed money that we cannot afford!)

The strongest wage growth among major sectors over the past year has been in construction (which has benefited from a housing boom in southern Ontario) and education. Wages are up 2 per cent in both sectors. Wages rose 5.1 per cent in mining, oil and gas, though given the 6.1-per-cent reduction in jobs, this probably only indicates that lower-wage oil workers are losing their jobs faster than higher-paid ones.

(Oh thats GREAT! Most of the workers in residential construction are here ILLEGALLY! Brick layers from Poland, tile setters from Italy, carpenters from Brazil, window washers from Mexico-and I dont name these countries at random! These are all place names taken from news articles related to people being deported from Canada! Cdn kids dont have a chance to get hired or trained as its cheaper to hire skilled illegals from other places!)

(For one thing-skilled illegals dont pay income tax since they are illegal. They dont pay the health levy for the same reason. No unemployment insurance deductions or CPP either-so book keeping for such people is quite low cost-its all just one lump sum CASH payment per week.)

(And if the illegals ever need health care, there is a nice cache of health cards forged by those ever helpfull and clever Nigerians-with the aid of people inside our health system SELLING personal information for profit! And aint LIE-berals helpful in this? They have decreed that Canada Post CANNOT halt delivery of packages below a certain size-meaning Postal people SEE the cards going through the system and can only alert the cops and hope that they have somebody to watch the postal box until somebody comes to pick up. And if cop is called away for something like a murder or major car crash then- oh well- the forged cards can be picked up without risk! And any person caught in these scams simply gets deported back to their countyr of origin!)

(And there is NOTHING to prevent illegals from sending money back to Portugal or where-ever and keeping THEIR national pension plan working for them when they retire! In addition, many muddle-headed Cdn politicians have decreed that Cdn cities will be "sanctuary cities" where illegals can access all manner of services including sending their kids to school for free! They use our schools, our health care, undercut our people with tax dodges and then retire to a nice pension in THEIR country! Its a great deal for illegals but not so good for Cdn kids trying to get started in life! Even worse idiot LIE-beral politicians are so desperate for power at any price they are willing to let illegals vote for them here in "Sanctuary Toronto" without the bother of proper ID! Who cares about Cdn law when LIE-beral PRIVILEGE is on the line?)

Overall, this is weak wage growth compared to what Canada was seeing just a few years ago, when wages were rising above 3 per cent annually.

When oil prices crashed, many economists predicted that the oil price collapse would mean slower income growth. The overall decline in national income caused by the slump would eventually work its way through to individuals’ wages, they predicted.

(Sadly-I see things are working economically in STANDARD LIE-beral fashion-promise anything and then blame the results on somebody else! After all LIE-berals ARE focused on the middle class-its just too bad that a bunch of naive young people-the ones doing all those McJobs- got suckered into thinking that they would be aided by LIE-berals as well!)

(We are out of money and now the smelly stuff is hitting the fan and making tempers flare! LIE-berals and their supporters have SERIOUSLY MIS-CALCULATED!)