Interesting watch and brief: "Ink Cartridges Are A Scam" Video

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Feb 13, 2019
This video was posted March 15 2018 yet it shows up on my youtube feed (no youtube account) all this time later. Meanwhile I keep seeing the precise same crap on my feed without even having an account. It's like I get the odd different video on my feed every year and a half ... Youtube is going to crap in so many ways it maks me sick.

In the comments section 4 days ago Emanuel Tavano made a comment on that video

"You can now buy an Eco Tank printer from Epson that is built with refillable reservoirs for ink. The printer costs $200 and the ink is very cheap. This is the way it should have been sold from day one."

I can't attest to any of the information within the video or Emanuel's comment, however I did find the video along with the comment all this time later to be very interesting and quite tangible so I thought I'd share.


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David Jeffrey Spetch
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