Jobs That Ensure Canadian Poverty Funding Carbon Tax Scam Catherine McKenna

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Feb 13, 2019
Catherine McKenna says the carbon tax creates jobs. I say they can stick their carbon tax scam being used to cripple Canadians & Canada so globalist scum can move in and steal all of the resources and control over Canada where the sun doesn't shine. We are being sold out, lied too and deceived Canada compulsively and obsessively and all because the selfish and the greedy want it all for themselves while they use officials of country after country infiltrating and sabotaging government after government to destroy citizens and economies of country after country so countries become crippled thus globalist sickos can move in and steal resources and control over country after country for themselves in this sick and filthy way in modern day. Open your eyes, tyranny / treason needs to be met with prison. A spy from another country being caught pales by far in comparison to what our elected, appointed and designated officials are pulling on the citizens of Canada while the use tax dollars to fund media to try and glorify their sick behavior and punish those exposing their sick behavior for what it proves to be. Political parties need to go and lobbying criminalized, colluding with globalist crime organization shut down harshly. Time keeps ticking and what is getting done when we have selfish interest groups such as the religious, the LGBT, Antifa etc lying to the public compulsively and obsessively while eagerly keeping the public blinded and divided for the globalist crime organization as they continue their assault on several countries along with the crushing of economies and the crippling of countries over a slew of lies fabricated as belief by a bunch of phonies in modern day.

Criminalizing propagating factually proven foundations of lies will shut down the globalist crime organization and all of these sick selfish interest groups eager to help them keep us all divided with their complete rubbish while we all get scammed out of a future.

Our officials are assisting the globalist crime organization with the largest heist globally and perhaps ever let alone in recent history. Countries being divided with a slew of factually exposed foundations of lies and deceptions while set up to be conquered is every indication of war and all those assisting are obviously the enemy of citizens of any country where such occurs.

... while they lobby countries with rubbish not to build pipelines etc. to keep the resources in the ground to assure these globalist crime organization thieves get more for resources for themselves after each countries economy becomes crippled and divided while in the mean time they even are still getting away with charging citizens carbon taxes to burn the oil they sell to Canada while they lobby to keep Canada's oil in the ground.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada