Jordan Klepper and the Daily show are arrogant bullies.

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Nov 3, 2020

A prime example of predatory journalism from Jordan Klepper and the Daily show trying to make ordinary americans look stupid. At 1:05-1:50 he is on purpose using the specific statistic of total amount of created jobs because it shows a very isolated amount of data and not the full picture. If you look at another statistic it shows something completely different. Under president Trump the average unemployment rate from he was elected in 2016 to september 2020 have been 4,95% under the Obama administration the average unemployment rate was 7,44%. So the fact is more americans have been working under Trump than Obama. Of course this is not to say Obama did not do anything good for jobs in america the reason the average unemployment rate is a lot higher for Obama is because he became President right after a recession. My point is just that by misusing data like this and not showing the full picture you can make the data show whatever you want. In reality jobs and economy are very complex issues that can be measured in many different ways and even experts don't agree most the time on what is the most accurate way to measure these things. The statistics the woman is talking about isn't right but her opinion that Trump is good for jobs is completely fair and trying to make her look stupid for believing that by deliberately misusing data is disgusting and is only furthering the division in America. Instead of blindly believing Jordan Klepper just because he is charismatic and funny try and see him for what he really is an arrogant bully that thinks his opinions are not just opinions but facts and anyone who does not share the same opinion as him is therefore stupid and deserves to be laughed at. I encourage anyone who disagree with the data iv'e shown to do their own research.
Source: Bureau of labor
Oct 27, 2020
Face it now - western media has mostly decided NOT TO BOTHER simply reporting the news! They have decided they can DO BETTER TO MAE UP the news! One only has to look at our Cdn news media whores to recognize this truth!

Here is an article exposing the sort of POISONOUS CBC propaganda we are being fed! With some comments of my own in brackets):

(LIE-beral propagandists are changing gears and switching to a new and quite deceitful message - since all their previous economic and social engineering policies are in DISGRACE! LIE-berals falsely claimed for years that our economy was “booming” even as crippling debts for both govt and households SOARED!)

(LIE-berals insisted our debts were manageable as long as we were careful and did not receive any economic shocks to upset the applecart - yet at the same time LIE-
berals IGNORED the COSTLY rusting out of all our infrastructure! Millions of litres of sewage routinely dumped into lakes and rivers from antiquated treatment plants! Millions of gallons of freshly filtered and cleaned drinking water that was allowed to soak back into the ground from rusted out pipes - with that wasted water produced at significant environmental cost by electrically operated treatment plants - even as LIE-berals urged us to conserve electricity for the sake of the environment!)

(Even worse - much of the drinking water that does reach us has often passed through TOXIC LEAD PIPE that our civil service union HOGS KNOW is out there - but takes NO ACTION to remove for public safety!)

(In addition - LIE-berals have told us for years that crime rates are DOWN and we do not need more cops - even as LIE-berals fiddled with crime numbers and HID THE TRUE EXTENT of crime by using plea bargaining to make major crimes into minor ones and to make minor crimes DISAPPEAR entirely!)

(ALL LIE-beral policy has FAILED and now desperate LIE-berals are grabbing at a new Fake News narrative! In recent news, CBC Canada claims support for the anti govt and pro gun movement known as Boogaloo - which originated in United States - is supposedly growing in Canada!)

(Hysterical CBC talking heads warn us that Boogaloo has been linked to certain UNSPECIFIED acts of violence in United States and CBC warns us of hateful comments made by alleged Boogaloo members!)

(CBC is especially indignant that Boogaloo members would show up heavily armed at Antifa and Black Lives Matter rallies - in Yankee states were it IS LEGAL to openly carry firearms! One may debate the wisdom of some states allowing such open carry of guns but the fact is the Yankees ALLOW IT!)

(CBC propagandists LOUDLY play up the behaviour of some Yankee lunatic fringe players in a deliberate scare tactic and then CBC quietly admits there HAVE BEEN NO REPORTS of Boogaloo members showing up at Cdn protests - yet CBC then goes on to try to whip up anti Bogaloo hysteria by pointing to two Facebook pages that support Boogaloo and which have suggested it would be a good idea to kill Antifa protestors and RCMP officers! CBC tells us these pages may have as many as 800 followers! Oh dear me - 800 LOONS - who may or may not even live in North America!)

The Facebook pages identified by CBC News were created in the past six months and in that time grew to around 800 followers each. That kind of support is cause for concern, say experts like Alexander Reid Ross, a postdoctoral fellow with the Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right in Portland, Ore.

(Oh great- CBC is quoting yet another Yankee - who very probably knows NOTHING about conditions in Canada - as proof that we should OBEY the wishes of our LIE-beral overlords with fear and trembling awe - because LIE-berals MIGHT SAVE US - from the darkest of LIE-beral fears - that we might deem LIE-beral values not just WRONG - but utterly IRRELEVANT AS WELL in the next election!)

(CBC DOES ADMIT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to know for certain where these online protestors come from but notes - as if such claims had any accuracy or veracity that many of the Boogaloo supporters CLAIM to be from Canada! While still others claim to be from United States - or from other unspecified countries!)

(In ultimate irony - LIE-berals are convinced that Russians interfered in the election that made Trump President and yet they DO NOT BELIEVE that Russians or Chinese or Iranians or North Koreans or any other lunatic group MIGHT BE behind these allegedly Cdn Boogaloo web pages!)

(LIE-berals have warned us repeatedly that foreign interests are attempting to subvert our elections and yet LIE-berals so NO HARM in allowing Yankee “Super Pac” political interests to supply Cdn Left Wing LIE-beral oriented groups with millions of dollars I funding for political action! In related news - radical leftist loon David Suzuki has admitted that his political action group received TWO MILLION DOLLARS from Yankee interests in just a couple of years! LIE-berals are BLIND to foreign political action that supports THEM!)

(History is REPLETE with accounts of false flag activities - not only can CBC NOT TELL US if these alleged supporters are Cdn - they cannot even tell us if they are REAL PEOPLE! For all CBC knows it may only be a VERY small group with multiple e-mail accounts PRETENDING to be a bigger group! Even WORSE - CBC cannot tell us if this Boogaloo stuff might have been created BY ANTIFA as a way to PRETEND that right wing views are more prevalent and virulent than they really are!)

(We KNOW that various hate crimes have been reported to cops and then subsequently were proven to be FALSE claims in an effort to shame white and Christian society! One of the more egregious Fake Crimes was the claim that a white man had tried to forcibly remove the Hijab of a little Muslim Girl! Such is LIE-beral BIAS that even after the Fake News was revealed - Ontari-owe premier Wynne-bag went on to warn us that such bigotry by white people would not be tolerated - while she IGNORED the deliberate LIES told by Muslims!)

(And we know LEFTIES and LIE-berals LOVE their Fake News - because they truly believe they are MORALLY SUPERIOR to the rest of us and are thus ENTITLED to LIE in defence of their cause! The ghost of Friedrich Nietzsche is LAUGHING at this morality that is a vile imitation of his views on the moral responsibility of the “superior man” - views that Nazis found IRRESISTIBLE! Antifa and LIE-berals make themselves a laughing stock by using Nazi morality to scorn whites!)

(One online comment that CBC found did mention the Seattle CHAZ anarchist zone and proposed shooting at BLM protestors there in order to clear the Zone and of course IF the CHAZ is to be cleared - IT WILL REQUIRE SOME FORCE! But will there be gun fire? Only if CHAZ “security” shoots first!)
Oct 27, 2020
Part two of CBC Bogaloo.

While many of the posts on the pages viewed by CBC News were re-shared from American groups, others discuss events in Canada.

(OH DEAR ME! Yankees and or other foreigners - who may be pretending to be Cdns are discussing Cdn affairs? In much the same way that Cdns discuss Yankee activities? How awful!)

Several were critical of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, objecting to the government's tougher gun rules or mocking his criticism of unconscious bias and anti-Black racism.

(Considering what many Cdns say about Our idiot Boy Justin - those hostile foreign opinions DO NOT count for much!)

In the U.S, Boogaloos have recently been in the spotlight, after some showed up heavily armed at anti-lockdown and Black Lives Matter demonstrations. There are no reports of Boogaloos at Canadian protests. But online, the nascent movement has inspired at least two Facebook pages where followers have recently talked about killing protesters and RCMP officers alike.

(GOSH! TWO online pages out of how many MULTI MILLIONS OF PAGES? And HOW MANY of these alleged threats are DIS-INFORMATION CAMPAIGNS BY lefties TRYING TO MAKE Cdns look BAD?)

(In related news - we KNOW that many Cdn rural dwellers who live far from any police station - are so FRUSTRATED with drunken and drugged up thieves prowling their properties that they have SHOT AT the thieves - and does CBC really want to pretend that Cdns seeking to protect themselves and their property from criminals represents some sort of demonstration of support for NAZI VALUES? Just HOW SCREWED UP is the CBC propaganda?)

(And considering the LIE-beral reaction to those shootings of prowlers - it seems our GREATEST social threat is from deliberately IMPOSED LIE-beral style legal IMPOTENCE and paralysis!)

The Facebook pages identified by CBC News were created in the past six months and in that time grew to around 800 followers each. That kind of support is cause for concern, say experts like Alexander Reid Ross, a postdoctoral fellow with the Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right in Portland, Ore."People need very little to do a whole lot of damage," Ross said.

(Yeah - CBC loves quoting LEFTIE rabble rousing bigots even if they have FOREIGN ROOTS and know little or nothing of Canada! And of course the damage being done is MAINLY IN THE MINDS of LIE-berals who are growing angry that we DO NOT FEAR their Fake Frankenstein civil rights monster!)

Ross said he started to see more activity by Canadians on sites frequented by Boogaloo supporters in the wake of the mass shooting in Nova Scotia, and the resulting tighter restrictions on firearms.

(CBC WANTS TO IGNORE the fact that LIE-beral law is now SO INEFFECTIVE that the Nova Scotia shooter assembled his supply of weapons IN DEFIANCE of all LIE-beral laws! CBC seeks to SHIFT BLAME!)

While it is impossible to know where all of them come from, many of the people interacting with the Facebook pages list locations in Canada in their profiles. Others list locations in the U.S. or other countries.

(So WHAT! Many of the Russian and Chinese and Iranian agents attempting to disrupt Yankee elections list addresses in United States!)

The administrator of one page, who refused to be identified, told CBC News that nearly half of its followers were located in Canada. The page, which CBC News has decided not to name, has 854 followers and is managed by accounts in Canada, according to Facebook's transparency data.

(OH! An UNVERIFIED STATEMENT by an unknown person and we are supposed to be shaking in fear of the DEADLY DANGEROUS RIGHT!)

Another page, the Krazy Kanucks Big Kanadian Igloo, had attracted nearly 800 followers before Facebook removed it last week, following an inquiry from CBC News, saying it contravened its community standards against violence and incitement.

(So the SAME 800 fake posters with multiple accounts are still at work! Good to know!)

The unnamed page, however, is still up and includes posts that threaten police and talk about harming protesters.

(And have any of these threats been carried acted on? Why - NO! Yet CBC wants us to believe that giving LIE-berals more power to mess with our society will somehow save us from these FAKE FEARS!)

Another post links to a story about a 26-year-old woman killed in a police shooting in Edmundston, N.B., and the line, "This is why we need guns" — a reference to Canadians defending themselves against police.

(Yes - MORE blame shifting - the woman SHOULD HAVE been getting treatment at a mental health facility - but LIE-berals consider it a waste of THEIR GRAVY to treat such people - so they are left to wander loose until they grab a knife and chase some cop until the cop is forced to SHOOT to save HIS LIFE!)

One post opposed the federal government's plan to accept more immigrants after the pandemic is over. Another criticized Chinese investors buying Canadian farmland.

(OMG! CBC is IGNORING THE FACT that MOST CDNS ALREADY oppose the current LIE-beral immigration policy! And MOST CDNS also see the Beijing Butchers as a REAL SECURITY THREAT! So much so that LIE-beral Canada is the ONLY MAJOR WESTERN COUNTRY NOT to BAN Huawei spy technology!)

(LIE-beral friendly news media whores have bombarded All of North America with news related to the alleged violence and racism of anybody who speaks against the Soviet Socialist LIE-beral agenda!)

(Yes - there have been random acts of violence by NUTS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL SPECTRUM! CBC media whores are being shamelessly BIGOTED in IGNORING acts of violence from the left - while TRUMPETING anything that is supportive of always deceitful LIE-beral ideology!)

(CBC makes reference to a man in California who allegedly scrawled racist slogans on a car and then apparently shot two cops before being arrested! Yet CBC IS SILENT about the cold blooded murder of two New York City cops sitting in a squad car - by a BLM supporter - with this occurring a couple of years ago!)

(CBC propaganda meisters claim - with FALSE HYSTERIA DRIPPING from every word - that Boogaloo style hate and violence MIGHT SOON COME TO CANADA! Sadly - the GREATEST THREAT we Cdns seem to face is a Soviet Socialist Pravda style news media that wants to LIE TO US in support of the LIE- beral overlords who aspire to become DICTATORS!)
Oct 27, 2020
Klepper is a not very funny lame ass leftie wingnut who is likely to be unemployed after Trump leaves the stage!

Here is a timely reminder of the fact that Cdns have already traveled too far down the mouldy green energy road that Bonehead Biden wants Yankees to get onto as well! And the fact that Biden squeaked out a BARELY THERE win over Trump - AND failed to gain control of Congress indicates CLEARLY what many Yankees think of the idiot Green New Deal LIE-berals are trying to sell us!

LIE-berals are promising to lead Canada in a radical new direction - to be laid out in their throne speech scheduled for Sept, 23, 2020! The LIE-beral plan appears to be a rehash of Ontari-owe LIE-beral green plans that were so bad they eventually DESTROYED the Wynne-bag LIE-beral party - after DOUBLING the Ontari-owe debt and damaging our economy!

However - Trudope LIE-berals appear set to make Wynne-bag look politically cautious by comparison to her federal counterparts! Trudope appears ready to implement MASSIVE, COSTLY, and very ham fisted Socialist style economic policies on us!

Not content with Wynne-bag style mouldy green energy plans, Trudope has dug deep and now wants to use the same DISASTROUS Policies as were used by NDPee premier Bob Rae in his single term as Ontari-owe premier!

Bob Rae was determined to spend govt gravy until we were all rich! With NO CONCERN or even awareness that the money would ALL have to be paid back - WITH INTEREST! COMPOUNDED AND AMORTIZED!

When the Rae/NDPee plan collapsed in red ink and public fury; Rae blamed the banks for not loaning him as much money as he needed to succeed! This is TYPICAL Soviet Socialist thinking! Socialists ALWAYS blame outside interests for the Socialist faults!

Our idiot Boy and his loser LIE-berals require support from Jag Singh and his NDPees if LIE-berals are to survive - thus LIE-berals can be expected to deal with Singh to ensure that many already discredited NDPee policies are incorporated in the LIE-beral platform - as the price of support!

The problem is that the Singh version of NDPee is even MORE MUDDLED than the Ontari-owe Rae/NDPees of 30 years ago! Singh NDPees want to add racial bias against whites to their existing platform of economic idiocy!

The 4 year Rae/NDPee reign was such a mess - as Bob (Boob!) Rae tried to spend us rich - that the NDPee also doubled the Ontari-owe debt! This IN SPITE of NDPee cost cutting efforts such as the notorious Rae Days!

Yes! NDPee Socialist financing was SO BAD that Rae actually was forced to send civil service union HOGS HOME - for an UNPAID day off each week! Nobody really cares about the lay offs of social worker poverty pimps who spend too much of their time thinking of ways to expand the free govt grants and give away`s to people that the general public thinks are undeserving!

But LIE-berals are fond of buying poverty pimp and radical votes so the give away`s continue dressed up in colourful and careful verbal camouflage! One such example would be the grants to Black Lives Matter - dressed up as gifts to groups “resisting racism and fighting systemic racism”! To bad that systemic racism in Canada exists only in the minds of cynical LIE-berals seeking to exploit the weak minded and easily bribed among us!

Fortunately for LIE-berals - the general public usually does not get to see where our money actually ends up! But recent clashes with Antifa, Black Lines Matter, the native movement Idle No more, and the growing outrage at the behaviour of the inhabitants of city run homeless shelters has begun to focus public attention in ways that LIE-berals DO NOT DESIRE!

The public has been mostly silent but LIE-berals live in terror of growing public rage and frustration - hence the compulsive LIE-beral attempts to censor our news and public comments by labeling ALL critics of LIE-beral policy as racist bigots!

But when hospitals are closed and nurses and doctors and cops are laid off- then the general public gets UPSET! During the Rae Days - people looked at entire floors of hospitals sitting empty - no beds, no patients, no nurses, no doctors; just empty echoing spaces that we could not afford to use thanks to NDPee planning priorities!

Public rage was such that Rae and his NDPees were destroyed in the next election!
And now Our idiot Boy Justin is pinning HIS survival on dirty deals done with the even more muddled Singh NDPees!

See part two below
Oct 27, 2020
Part two

Trudope LIE-berals are gambling desperately by throwing two VILE CHOICES at Canada! Either we force an election in order to kill the LIE-beral Socialist Agenda -
with its job killing mouldy green schemes that will result in the We Scandal being buried and forgotten!

OR will we allow the LIE-beral minority to survive - with the chance that the WE Scandal might result in criminal charges against Trudope- that might remove him from office?

After all - Trudope is now in contempt of Parliament - FOR THE SECOND TIME! LIE-berals have REFUSED to release the full paperwork on the We Scandal to the Opposition Parties - thus violating a Parliamentary Right that was established in the British govt system over 350 years ago!

I have said many times before that Trudope is an aspiring Soviet Socialist Dictator - and we may get FULL PROOF of that statement in the months ahead! LIE-beral policy is setting NEW RECORDS for being elitist, biased and essentially harmful and destructive to the Cdn general public!

In related news - Loonie leftist LIE-beral loving media whores have never before displayed such irresponsible behaviour as they are currently demonstrating! Consider the allegation that Trump referred to WW1 Yankee war dead as “suckers and losers”! WHERE is the proof?

Media whores simply cite “un-named and anonymous” sources for their claims! Who are these sources? What sort of jobs do they hold in govt that MIGHT have allowed them to hear Presidential remarks? How many of these alleged sources have an axe to grind with Trump? How many anonymous sources might have been PAID to speak harshly of Trump?

Trump is canny enough to become Yankee President and regardless of what you think of him, HE DOES HAVE an idea what the public thinks and how it will react! Such understanding is a basic survival skill for politicians - thus making such disparaging remarks about War Dead would be ANATHEMA to any leader!

From this we can conclude that the remarks printed by media whores are probably a VICIOUS SLANDER! How sadly loathsome and HOW CUNNING of LIE-berals to offer such insults in a fashion that prevents any sort of HONEST resolution!

Trump insists he did not make such remarks - but cannot prove it! HOW CAN one prove that one did not say something in a private moment? How does one fight anonymous ghosts who cannot be identified?

Media whores insist their “sources” have confirmed the remarks were made - and then stand on journalistic privileges to REFUSE to identify the “sources” in order to verify IF they might possibly have been in a position to over hear ANY Trump remarks!

LIE-beral news media has become disturbingly successful in offering up smears and slanders against their opponents! One has only to think of Ontari-owe Conservative Patrick Brown who was the victim of a NASTY accusation of sexual assault that cost him the leadership of the Ontari-owe Conservative party! Brown might well have become provincial premier if his reputation had not been destroyed by a media accusation - WITH NO FACTS AND NO TRIAL!

Eventually it was discovered that the ONLY ALLEGATIONS against Brown had been made in a tv studio - where sensational statements are desired and facts ARE NOT NECESSARY! One may make sensational statements in a tv studio WITHOUT facing PERJURY CHARGES!

The “case” against Brown began to unravel when the two complainants REFUSED to lodge formal charges with the police! Naturally such charges would have resulted in the cops carefully weighing and examining ALL statements and ALL evidence and it seems the complainants were not willing to have their story studied in such detail - suggesting it was all a NASTY SETUP!

The nasty set up unraveled further when it became clear that at least one of the complainants was unfamiliar with the layout of the Brown family home - which she claimed to have visited and where the alleged assault took place!

The destruction of Brown`s reputation was happily endorsed by LIE-berals and NDPees - and they encouraged Brown to sue for slander - if he was actually innocent!

Of course such a slander suit would have taken years to get through our slow as molasses and hugely costly legal system and would have cost Brown at least one hundred thousand dollars - which he would have had to personally pay - regardless of the legal outcome!

Brown`s accusers own nothing and have no money - thus there was NO WAY to recover any legal costs! Winning such a court case - long after the provincial election was over and long after Browns chance to become premier had ended - would be a USELESS Pyrrhic Victory!

No doubt it would be pleasing to see the accusers exposed to perjury charges but think of the legal costs and the loss of political options!

Brown did the only sensible thing - he got enough evidence to strongly suggest that the accusers were very likely slandering him to score political points! And the nature of the accusations suggests that LAWYERS were working hand in glove with certain politicians to craft a LIE that was politically damaging and yet also hard to prove - and of course the accusations needed to be made in such fashion that the accusers did not face perjury charges or other legal punishment! Hence the NEED for legal advice to protect the fraudsters from legal retaliation!

LIE-berals have been selling out our future since Pierre Trudope appeared on the political scene! We were bankrupt BEFORE Wuhan Virus devastated our economy and now LIE-berals are trying to BUY a brighter future - FOR THEIR MINORITY GOVT - at ghe expense of future generations of Cdns!

LIE-berals are using Wuhan Virus as an excuse to get us all hooked on govt gravy - with NO CONSIDERATION of how much it will hurt when the gravy runs out!

LIE-berals DO NOT wish to admit how carefully international bond rating services will be listening to the throne speech in late September! Nor do LIE-berals wish to admit that our govt credit cards might be CUT OFF - just before Christmas as international bankers - that Our idiot Boy is counting on for FREE MONEY - do not like making bad loans to Trudope imbeciles any more than they did making loans to Rae/NPDee imbeciles!

All LIE-beral policy is imploding - crushed under a mass of willful delusions and deliberate deceptions regarding our fiscal future!