Julie Mora Fa King islam

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Feb 13, 2019
Religion is the scum of the earth and everyone's enemy Julie. Claiming to believe in a factually exposed lie makes you a phony = the religious. (islam is just another Trojan horse of which all muslims live as slaves under threat of death for speaking against or leaving islam.)

Trying to make another religion out to be superior to any another is sick and filthy war and divide Julie like duh ... Jewish sick and filthy lies are no better than any other. Islam is following example of other filthy disgusting religions from hundreds of years ago, wake the fa cup Julie.

All muslims are loyal to islam Julie wake the f'k up. wake.

I can't expect Julie to learn everything in a day but she certainly is further along than most and can tell she cares and is fairly intelligent.

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Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada