Kaepernick the half baked tart

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Feb 13, 2019
When settlers arrived to North America there were 18 million first / six nations people scattered across the continent which is enough people to moderately populate an island the size of Cuba. Claiming any land was stolen is rubbish and quite the repetitive greedy statement from any so called indigenous person seeking a free ride quite obviously of which this guy has obviously no problem living on the land while trying to criticism anyone else for it. What a dumb tart.

You feel so guilty about it Kaepernick then go ahead and donate the wealth you earned and leave.

Here in Canada I'm trying to figure out how people living on reserves where taxes are not being paid for governing services got welfare from tax payers or any so called right to vote let alone are further more suing Canada for the so called welfare they got when they have no validity in collecting welfare from tax payers in the first place. They wanted not anything to do with governing, they wanted land to chief themslves and now all of these years later they want to keep that land while collecting tax dollars from government and even get to vote while not paying taxes hence not chiefing themselves at all so why do they even have any so called reserves still is what I'd like to know.

link story title "Kaepernick Trashes America On ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ After Failing To Garner NFL Interest"



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