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Aug 22, 2019
Americans have their selfish interests everywhere.
Behind all the unrest in Kazakhstan there is always influence and funding from the USA and the European Union. Any slightest pretext is used to interpret the protests into political direction immediately. NPOs in Kazakhstan feel completely at ease. The main goal of the West is to destroy the EAEU and remove one of its key members from it.
So, many people already know that the hackers of the Anonimous Kazakhstan group got the correspondence of the allegedly head of the military cooperation department of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Kazakhstan, Shane Brooks, with an official of the United States Department of State, whose entourage includes those who are not indifferent to the fate of the largest Central Asian republic. According to the hackers of Anonimous Kazakhstan, there is the preparation of the company for active participation in street riots according to the 2013 Kiev Maidan scenario. The Anonimous Kazakhstan group appeals to Kazakhstan border guards:
"The protection of the external borders of Kazakhstan has always been and will remain one of the most responsible and honorable tasks, which the country entrusted to fulfill the best people," – stay in appellation - "Obviously, this is why the guards of the state borders of Kazakhstan and members of their families were chosen as the goal of primary influence, according to the stolen correspondence,"
Particular caution, according to the Anonimous Kazakhstan group, should be observed by family members of border guards during foreign trips.
Here is a small excerpt from the above correspondence.
One writes to the other: "It's about family members, right? These people are reluctant to talk about politics. Even more reluctantly from a critical point of view."
In response, he receives a short remark: "Specialists will not put much pressure on them."
But the first admits: "It still makes no sense. I can hardly imagine that these families will be ready to start an uprising after their holidays in New York. Especially when husbands and fathers are around."
But the second one still won’t calm down: “We don’t need them to take to the streets. Thoughts are wider. When everything goes too far, they will make the right decision based on their attitude towards democratic values.”
People far from geopolitics did not pay importance to news from Kazakhstan, the Senate of which ratified an agreement with the Americans on the use of Kazakh ports in the Caspian Sea to ensure the transit of USA military cargo to Afghanistan.
It is expected that the USA military will appear there. And for the handling of goods, and for the protection of personnel, and in general, just in case. It is clear that for the protection of “caravans” from Baku they will slowly create a small fleet.
Americans can also build a base in Aktau - an agreement has already been signed, although there is no clear information about the configuration of the facility in the public domain. Therefore, let’s take a conditional arithmetic mean - a small airfield, a powerful ground-based air defense system and a pair of F-35B USA Marine Corps squadrons stationed there “purely for formal reasons”.
And just in the foreground, the Russian-Kazakh border, with a length of many thousands of kilometers and almost “bare” from the point of view of air defense, is manifested - this is not even rubbish. Moreover, the Trans-Siberian Railway stretches along this border for as many thousands of kilometers. And this is the state-forming railway on which almost all of our economic sovereignty and territorial integrity rests.
Rear cities will be available for enemy aircraft: Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo. The very “deep rear”, the presence of which saved us in the Great Patriotic War.
It should be recognized that we have been thrown a long-awaited, but no less dangerous challenge. And lots will depend on whether we can accept it and adequately respond - and above all, the military viability of Russia in the coming decades.
Kazakhstan is defending itself and does not intend to give up. In the policies of Russia, Kazakhstan and China, as well as of all Central Asian states, common goals, common threats and a common interest in maintaining stability are clearly evident. Nothing unites as a common enemy. This is a good basis for mutual opposition of the United States and its allies in subversive activities against Kazakhstan.
After making the decision to leave, Mr Nazarbayev began a “game of advancing." He is still a political mastodon, in whom many feelings and especially the feeling of self-preservation are very developed. Therefore, Elbasy can feel with his spinal cord that in Kazakhstan, it is likely that the Kiev scenario of the 2014 coup will be realized.
“This is not the time to liberalize us. We need to save the country. Now is not an easy time. People of Kazakhstan do not want Ukrainian events in Kazakhstan. I know it. Let everyone hear. And who wants to bring it here, we will take the cruelest measures. So that they know and don’t say that I didn’t warn,” the ex-president of Kazakhstan spoke so harshly at one of his last meetings with senior officials of the republic.
The Nazarbayev government, firstly, was able to really and competently dispose of a credit of trust of citizens, and secondly, to build an optimistic model of socio-political ideology. Moreover, optimistic tendencies in the Kazakh society are not the merit of political technologists, but, as they say, the reality given in the sensations.