Lawyers Advocating Killing Children's Reproductive Organs Threaten Frank Vaughan

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Feb 13, 2019
Doesn't it strike you as sick that lawyers, judges and other elected and appointed officials are so very eager to create and try to enforce legislation to destroy our children's reproductive organs while creating laws to try and silence citizens while their bloodlines go extinct.

This is sick, disgusting, unforgivable and infuriating that instead of criminalizing such sick and filthy lgbt behavior, they target our innocent children in schools with a slew of lies to bait them into destroying their reproductive organs and their lives.

Frank Vaughan did a video with the British Columbia father Robert Hoogland who was told by the courts that if he didn't lie about his daughters sex, he would be committing family violence. That's right, they are using more lies to try and justify the sick and filthy lies they force through legislation and even upon innocent little children while trying to silence citizens from speaking out against such sick behavior because their sick and filthy lies don't stand a chance vs fact that exposes these lies. All involved in encouraging such sick behavior are quite obviously sick intellectual cowards themselves. Frank stood his ground for a little while when he was contact by a lawyer but was then contacted by other lawyers to have his video removed otherwise was under threat of losing perhaps his house and home for helping parents to become aware of our governments sick and shady tactics they force on children and parents. Frank was targeted because Robert Hoogland has been given some sort of a gag order to my understanding for speaking out against this sick behavior and injustice but I applaud he is speaking out because it is important information that Canadians deserve to hear. Parents would be wise to hear what he has to say. Brave man. It's sad, I have fought to prevent this for 15 years or so and they use lies as so called justification to ban you from getting through to the public online because their sick lies are easily exposed and now all of these years later has escalated to this filthy excrement of shady tactics. Our officials obviously wished this on Robert, his and his child along with of you and your kids Canadians. Wake up, this is sick.

I guess it was up less than 24 hours and after taking it down, here is the letter Frank shared to do with his decision to remove the video.

MP Derek Sloan, if I can assist with anything when it comes to the Bill C-16 petition please do feel welcome to contact me. Bill C-16 is garbage and belongs in the dumpster asap.

Robert Hoogland is apparently about to do several interviews with various hosts so keep your eyes peeled for more releases on him and his child's crisis.

Former PPC candidate Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson has a video still up youtube but because of religious rhetoric I refuse to share it. It really infuriates me how the religious go on about others lying when the religious are the biggest liars on the planet so because she included filthy religious lies in her video which would have been decent without, I'm not going to share it but for those of you who would like to see what Robert Hoogland has to say, feel free to look for it on youtube as it may not be there for long.


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada