Lindsay Shepherd On Youtube: Online Hate & transgarbage liars

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Feb 13, 2019
Ojay (however that garbage is spelled) is quite obviously a phony and compulsive obsessive lying sack of excrement who loves to defecate on society with extremely offensive, sick and filthy lies and deceptions while labeling anyone offended by his sick inexcusable behavior as a hater because that is what lying phony sacks of excrement such as LGBT head cases do. Because these sickos have no validity, they slander anyone exposing their sick inexcusable behavior in attempt to make their slander of you the issue while also trying to hide that these sickos have no validity when it comes to the foundation of the issue what so ever..

You are going to make a speech at a circus of those catering to lobbyist dictatorship Lindsay ... forcing lies of selfish interest groups through legislation and using such sick behavior to make criminals out of Canadian citizens.

If People Around The World Can't Understand This And Accept It, The Globalists Destroy Us All

There are many things at play here that citizens as well others need to understand to defeat the globalist crime organization, however I am finding that in general citizens ignorance, selfishness and greed blinds them from accepting what needs to be done to defeat these clowns.

For example, religion is being used by the globalists to pit us against one another but the religious are still too selfish, greedy and ignorant to care. What is important to them is their freedom of religion even though that is a huge part of what will get many if not us all killed. The religious still don't care if we all die until it is too late. The globalist crime organization rely's upon this so they are constantly pumping out freedom of religion via main stream etc. while they pump muslims into countries. christians for example are being slaughtered and other christians act like they care but they still fight for freedom of religion until all dead or forced conversion under threat of death.

Another example, the LGBT. The globalist crime organization obviously baited the LGBT with you do as we say and we'll strive to make society be as mentally redundant and sexually defective as you. This has come to pass but will be short lived, pay close attention. Aside from them making a mockery of marriage, this baiting tactic went over easily with homosexuals who like to pretend to be the opposite sex that they are born and will always be so they can go around abusing, traumatizing and humiliating heterosexuals while robbing heterosexuals of our right, freedom and liberty to be heterosexual with their sick, filthy and offensive and disgusting LGBT lies and deceptions. They are also forcing LGBT lies onto innocent little children to help kill our reproductive rates as peoples genitals are mutilated they can't have children ever after that and seriously traumatized heterosexuals deceived by some homosexual in such a way might be to grossed out to have sex ever again because of this disgusting behavior thus killing our reproductive rates even more so while they bring in muslims into several countries by the hordes, throwing tax payers money at them so they can live like kings and reproduce like rabbits until the economy crashes. As they do this they try and make criminals out of citizens for even just speaking against such sick behavior as excuse to lose jobs etc. so citizens have little to no incentive to procreate as citizens are thrust into poverty, depression and even homelessness while muslims live as kings at citizens expense.

They bait muslims as well illegal invaders with such promises as a better life to speed up the process of sending economies into turmoil by telling them that they will have a better life and for a short while they will at citizens expense but then it will come crashing down on everyone.

I suspect that while citizens are being set up to have guns taken away, many illegals and muslims are being handed illegal guns for when the economy crashes of which are obviously unregistered thus untraceable so they can have that advantage against the greater population of unarmed citizens. (I don't own a gun and do not advocate violence fyi)

So why are our traitors and tyrants we call elected ad appointed officials forcing LGBT lies through legislation and upon our innocent little children in school while hording countries with muslim so called immigrants you wonder? Aside from the soon to be short lived promise of a better life, to make citizens look like the stupid trash that supported such disgusting filth being forced through legislation and school boards so that when muslim populations begin to rise, muslims are more easily convinced that citizens are stupid pieces of garbage that deserve to be killed. Our children are being brought up with lies dictating that such sick behavior is in any way acceptable and many of these children are already reiterating LGBT lies by even calling such sick inexcusable behavior that the LGBT exemplifies as normal thus will look like stupid pieces of excrement for when muslim populations begin to rise thus also looking at older citizens like we are the sickos who taught them such disgusting filth. Think people, if homosexual unions for example was "ever" what was the norm / what was normal, we would have died off thousands of years ago for weakly being a race of sexually defective.

Why the carbon tax, so citizens are paying more to burn the globalist crime organizations oil thus are more quickly thrust into poverty as they lobby etc. such things as no pipelines in countries to keep the oil in the ground so that after a countries economy crashes and tempers really begin to flare, blame gets thrust in many directions and war and divide severely cut our numbers on all sides down to a devastated and crippling state, the globalist crime organization can move in and steal the countries oil and many other resources while assuming total dictatorship over the slaves (both citizens and invaders) who are left alive.

Why antifa, baited to be puppets to intimidate citizens from speaking against such disgusting filth in modern day and like muslims and illegal invaders alike, promises of a better life for doing this will be short lived.

The globalist crime organization is baiting us against each other and counting on our selfishness, greed and ignorance to get the job done for them like a bunch of selfish, greedy and ignorant easily baited dummies.

If we the people of Earth are going to defeat the globalist crime organization, people must understand this, accept this, put aside their own selfishness, greed and ignorance, stop being baited, religion goes in the garbage permanently, antifa goes in the garbage permanently, LGBT goes in the garbage permanently and decades of lies and deceptions forced through legislation and now being used to assist the globalist crime organization diving and conquering us obviously need to be removed from legislation and school boards.

It's not going to be easy and that is just for starters but however slim a chance of success in completing this task it may appear to be, we all stand a chance if we put aside our greed, selfishness as well ignorance and ban together thrusting tyrants and traitors into prison where they belong with leniency for those officials who turn to our side by a reasonable time to claim victory over the globalist crime organization.

There are other details and big one's too I can't release until and if that time ever comes because by doing such right now will give the globalist crime organization the chance to detour major components to further assure their stranglehold on us never succeeding at defeating them.

Time to wake up.

When citizens are treated like illegal invaders and illegal invaders are treated like citizens, your government / parliament / congress / legislature has been infiltrated and is being controlled by the enemy of the citizens of your country. Them calling you racist or hater is them really calling you and your kids their stupid slaves while they lobby your officials to continue to stab you and your children in the back and make laws to make criminals out of citizens for speaking / fighting against such sick inexcusable behavior as treason and tyranny.

You would also be wise to read a title I released recently "Previous Conservative Ministers Stepping Up For Vice-Admiral Mark A. G. Norman"


Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
David Jeffrey Spetch
Ps. Be good, be strong!
Hamilton Ontario Canada